Last Minute Halloween Party idea’s!

Tonight is the night! All goblins and ghouls will be on the prowl! And you may have a few of them over for a fright fest right in your own home. Needing some last minute ideas on what to serve to your guests? Or how about some last minute ideas on how to make your home the spookiest on the block? Scroll down to be inspired on how to make your party a night your friends wont forget!


28a9cb7a90b388a578be5f1a41b9989fNeeding a cool punch bowl? Don’t go with the traditional plastic bowl! Try this idea! All you need is a pumpkin, a knife and a plastic bowl to line the insides. And don’t forget to scoop out all he pumpkin guts too! Unless that is if your going for the more creepy disgusting look! ;)



How cool are these Halloween hot dog mummies? All you will need is Pillsbury croissant dough and hot dogs! Cut the dough into thin spaghetti like strips and wrap around the hot dog.  Bake for about 5 mins,and presto! You have mummified hot dog treats! Almost too cute to eat!



Now this DIY treat has to be THE coolest one out there! Gross your guests out with what look like real earth worms! For this gross out snack all you need are bendy straws, jello mix of your choice, scissors, a rubber band, and a glass to help the straws stand up while the worms take shape. Pour the jello mix into the straws and let harden for up to 2 hours! Once they are done taking shape, take a pair of scissors and cut a slit in each straw to release your gooey little creature! SO gross but SO yummy at the same time!




Now, enough with the creepy food. How about some creative and easy decor to add some spookiness to your home? This one is super easy! You will need white stockings,a glow stick, and water balloons (preferably white). Place a small glow stick inside each balloon. Next, you will want to fill the balloon up with water. Finally place the balloon inside the stocking, making sure it goes all the way towards the bottom. Once you’ve done that, the final step is to hang them off a tree or ceiling. This easy idea is sure to give your home a creepy eerie feeling when guests arrive!




Ever get the feeling like someone is watching you? Creepiest feeling right? Well what better way to creep your guests out than with spooky evil eyes looking right at THEM as they walk up to your doorway! All you need is some toilet paper or paper towel rolls and glow sticks! Cut a couple evil eye shapes into the roll and place a glow stick inside! You guests will be able to see these gleaming eye’s peering through the bushes from feet away! We can’t wait to try this one out ourselves!


Are you planning on using any of these idea’s for your own Halloween Party this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below!








Hollywood’s Most Fashionable Moms!

Wow, it seems like Hollywood’s finest women are sure blossoming! And we mean that literally! Seem’s like ALL of Hollywood’s finest are soon to be mom’s! And just because pregnancy can cause a lot of discomfort, that doesn’t stop these soon to be mom’s from being super fashionable at all times! Today we take a look at Hollywood’s hottest mom’s and what they choose to wear during their time on the read carpet, or even just on the streets! abd127c4e112fa7f22f26e98c31213e4   How adorable is Blake Lively with her tiny baby bump? Blake and her major hottie husband Ryan Reynolds are expecting their first child next year and are over the moon thrilled. This look was the first time Blake showed her bump off in public and choose to do so on the red carpet. And what designer to better show it off than Michael Kors! Blake was radiant in this gown and seemed to literally glow inside and out!




d2c1871f8b93ade19894b1ed645ceedf   No one looked more elegant while being pregnant than Olivia Wilde. Olivia and her also super star fiance Jason Sudeikies welcome baby Otis into the world this year on April 23rd. During the pregnancy Olivia made no exception to making sure she was high fashion. At the Golden Globes this year Oliva choose to wear this emerald green gown from Gucci. And we must say she dazzled all that were in observance!


5d7321e129dbbd299d7198c30555e8e3   We know ladies. We know. Gwen Stefani is a freak of nature when it comes to pregnancy. The 45 year old mother of now three boys, shined in this shimmery dress at the Wallis Annenberg Center For The Performing Arts Inaugural Gala in Beverly Hills. Gwen and husband Gavin welcomed baby Apollo to the world February this year. We don’t know how in the world Gwen does it! But darn it, she does it all so good! She is a true wonder women!



9bfc9e6e84c6c8aab8376e2e75f65a64 Another one of our favorite mother fashionista’s is Hilary Duff.  Three years ago Hilary Duff and professional hockey stud husband Mike Comry welcomed son Luca.  In this look Hilary sported a yellow comfy turtle neck sweater at Danskin Skate For A Cause event. We love Hilary’s more relaxed realistic approach to fashion during pregnancy. She is most definitely a mom that all women can relate to when it comes to comfort and fashion during these long 9 months!


Who do you think has the most stylish approach to fashion and pregnancy? Let us know in the comment section below!

Last minute Halloween costumes!

Oh no! Its only day’s away until Halloween! Time sure is flying this month. And who has the time to go Halloween costume shopping? Not us! Well never fear, Ever-Pretty is here! We will help inspire you today with some creative and last minute costumes! Did we mention they are super cute too? You will be sure to fool your friends as if you’ve had your costume prepared for months. (Shhh! We wont tell if you don’t!)



AS IF! We are totally in love with this easy costume! Inspired none other than by the hugely popular 90′s movie Clueless! And if you want, grab a friend so you can pull off the Cher and Dionne pose just like these ladies. OH and don’t forget to grab your big brick sized cell phone just to complete the 90′s look! With these things in mind you both will totally be the hottest “betty’s” at the party. WHATEVER!




Now some of you may not even need an introduction to what exactly this costume was inspired by. For those of you that do, just think Mean Girls. Think of it yet? Yes, its the ever famous/ridiculous Regina George outfit that she wore in the movie. This was meant to embarrassing Regina, but instead inspired the entire female student body to follow. Now you can be one of Regina’s fan-girls. This costume is sure to make you SO “fetch”.




So you in a REAL bind and needing a couples costume? How about dressing up as a couple of cute robbers? This picture is of the ever adorable Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comry. Now how cute are these two in their matching costumes? And they are super simple to recreate. Think of this as becoming the new era Bonnie and Clyde. You will STEAL the spotlight at any party!

c5e00d26fc10ebedba5948725c18780aFeeling a little fiesty this year? How about this cute DIY of a tiger? All you need is your cutest little back dress,kitty ears and some black and orange body paint. Not only is this the cutest look ever but also very easy going on your wallet! Simple and frugal? Sounds GRRREAT to us!




Maybe your not up to being anything squeaky clean and happy go lucky? Maybe a more melancholy and dramatic character is more your speed? Your definitely going to want to channel your inner Wednesday Addams. All your going to need is a cute long sleeve black dress and your fave white collared shirt to go underneath. And don’t forget the signature braids. The braids are what completes the Wednesday look. This costume totally screams spooky and chic!


Whats your favorite look from the above ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

A night in Vegas!

Here at Ever-Pretty we accepted a blog challenge from Jennifer at She wanted us to come up a blog post about what we would wear on a night out at the Cosmopolitan Marquee night club. And we are excited to say challenge accepted Jennifer! Here we go!


las vegas lace

las vegas lace

So, what’s a better way to celebrate a night out in Las Vegas than to visit the Marquee at The Cosmopolitan? The Marquee is one of the largest clubs of Las Vegas. If you ever visit this night club, the very first thought that might come to mind for us ladies is “What do I wear?   Well here is what the staff at Ever-Pretty has to say when it comes to that minor problem. When it comes to dancing the night away at the club we know to stick to two simple rules. These rules include; keeping your look classy, and adding a dash of sexy and sassy.


For this look we choose our very own dress from Ever-Pretty. This item is titled; The V-Neck Lacey White Fitted Club Dress. And what goes better with this tight black and white lace club dress than our very own white/black lace Ever-Pretty clutch bag? We thought this look would also look best with black lace bootie pumps. And as we all know, it can be pretty hot inside these people-packed clubs! The last thing you want is to have your hair sticking to the back of your neck. So with that thought in mind, we figured it would be best to style this look with hair up and away from our face in a cute ballerina bun. And why not add a little cute black bow clip to our bun to tie it all together.


To finish this look off we choose to stick with the black lace theme a little more. We choose to pair black victorian lace earrings with a black lace bangle bracelet and lace print nails. These accessories add to a more polished look. We know the saying “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas.”, but we are confident this look is definitely something you will NOT want to leave behind!


What do you think of our Las Vegas outfit? Tell us your thought below!

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor.

We are pretty excited today at Ever-Pretty! Why you ask? Well today is the release of Taylor Swift’s new album 1989! That’s why! This highly anticipated album has been having us wait on the edge of our seats for months! We cannot wait to dissect each and every line and try to figure out just who exactly she is talking about! Although, we might have a slight idea. *coughHarryStylescough* Seems like Taylor is all the rage these days. Then again, when isn’t she? Besides the music career, she also knows how to dress to impress! Today we take a look back at some of Taylor’s most sought after looks!



We absolutely love this look from Taylor. Usually Taylor is often seen dressing very conservative. This dress however, went a little outside the box. This white Ralph Lauren gown plunges deep and gives Taylor a classy but sexy look at the same time. No one can pull this look off quite the way Taylor can!




This look on Taylor is bar far one of the best. The red lace at the top gives Taylor a sexy yet sassy look. And lets not forget the high empire waste. This dress was made for Taylor’s long lean figure. It was most defiantly the look of the night at the Billboard awards!


Lets flash back to 2011 when Taylor appeared at the Academy of County Music Awards. In contrast to other young celebrities Taylor Swift doesn’t reveal too much flesh on the red carpet to attract attention. She doesn’t have to!  She’s like a princess – pretty, smart, and classy. And that exactly what she looked like in this gold floor length gown! Work it Taylor!




Now lets not forget about Taylors casual everyday street wear. If you see Tay out and about you can be sure you wont ever catch her on a bad outfit day. This short polka dot dress gives Taylor a pop of character. And we love the scrunched waist side. Is there any look that Taylor cant pull off?


Do you have a favorite look of Taylor’s? Tell us in comment section below!


Hollywood’s Most Adorable Halloween Looks!

Halloween is just around the corner folks. I think you know what that means. Halloween costumes! One of our most favorite things is waiting to see what Hollywood’s biggest celebrities came up with for the occasion. Here are a couple of our most favorite celeb Halloween looks’ from years past that we are still head over heels about.

PicMonkey Collage2

No one quite is as stylish as Kim Kardashian. And that includes Halloween too! Kim takes this holiday to the extreme and always makes sure she is one of the most authentic looking celebs out there for Halloween. This poison ivy costume is most def. our most favorite of Kim’s Halloween costumes. She looks so much like the real character you almost forget that she one of the Kardashian sisters! You go Kim!

PicMonkey Collage1

Lauren Conrad is another celeb that always has a simple but very creative mind when it comes to Halloween. Lauren always ops for the more conservative look and still looks absolutely adorable. This costume in particular is based off of the Mary Poppins character.  And talk about a DIY costume in itself! This costume screams simplicity and chic all in one! Have a feeling this easy costume will be duplicated by many adoring fans this Halloween.

PicMonkey Collage3

Ok, how awesome did Katy Perry pull off the character Jane from MTV’s animated hit series Daria? She looks so much like the actual cartoon its crazy! Daria was a huge hit in the 90’s among many TV viewers. The show was described as “A smart & cynical girl goes through teenage life as a proud outsider in a world of mainly idiotic teens and condescending adults.” With Katy Perry’s witty attitude we can see why she related with the characters so much.

PicMonkey Collage4

What’s more adorable than seeing little Hollywood take part in the Halloween? Seeing their parents take part in the action too! In this look, Sandra Bullock and her son Louis when in theme as Toy Story characters; Jessie and Buzz Lightyear.  Nothing is better than seeing this little tyke collect candy hand in hand with his superstar mom Sandra.

Which of these were your most favorite costume? Do you know what your going to be for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Throwback Thursday- The 90s

On today’s blog post we are going to be sticking with the Throwback Thursday theme! That’s right; we are going back in time to visit all the popular fashion trends of the 90’s! I know some may be embarrassing to admit to wearing. But nothing is better than having that nostalgic feeling right? Hold on tight to your Lisa Frank binder as we take a blast into the past.

throwback-thursday-doc-martins-90s docs2

Oh nothing says 90’s like a brand new pair of Doc Martens! This style in particular was probably the most popular with both men and women. These England based shoes really did help to complete the ever popular growing grunge trend. And if you wanted a pair of these bad boys you really had to save your pennies! They usually ranged anywhere between $100-$130! Although we must say, they are totally worth it! The constructions of these boots are made to last for years and years to come. We are also glad to report that’s these boots are making their way back to this year’s trends! We for one sure missed them while they were gone!

butterfly-clips-90s-throwback-thursday butterfly2

The butterfly clips. Need we say more? Yes they were probably one of the so-bad-its-good parts of the 90’s. They came in all different colors and sizes! Some even had wings that would flutter with every move you would make. You know just to make it look more realistic! The most popular style you ask? It probably had to be the face-framing crown of butterflies atop your head. Sure, things could get a little crowded up there, but it was the look.


Chokers galore! These things were everywhere! If you were a girl over the age of 6 during the 90’s guaranteed you had one of these stuck to your neck! The tattoo choker consisted of a tight, springy, lace-like plastic necklace designed to sit snugly against your neck and mimic some sort of hand drawn tattoo while conveying an intangible emotion that fell somewhere between “I’m the trendiest chick on the block” and “I hate the world.” But what can we say, they were so totally rad!  (Sorry that just slipped out!)


Acid wash denim. It’s hard to understand why these things were so trendy. But oh they were! Everyone and their mother’s had something acid wash. Whether it’d be a jacket or super tight jeans, they were all the rage! Somehow, we couldn’t get enough of acid-washed denim, and still can’t; designers like Balmain, Roberto Cavalli, and more have sent these bleached jeans down the runway. We can’t help but love them after all these years.

These were just a few of the many different 90’s trends. What were some of your favorite or no-so-favorite trends of the 90’s? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!


Some of our Favorite Things: Celebrity Fashion Lines

Today on our blog we will be talking about some of our most favorite celebrity designers. Ok ok so we know some of these aren’t the most affordable, but hey a girl can dream! And if that fails then we can always ask mom and dad for an early birthday gift right? It’s worth a shot I think! Well sometimes we girls gotta do what we gotta do to try and stay high fashion!

gwen-stefani-fashion-lines-lamb-harujuku-lovers harajuku-lovers-purse-gwen-stefanie lamb-romper-gwen-stefani lamb-purse-gwen-stefani

Our first and foremost favorite celebrity designer is Ms. Gwen Stefani.  Gwen has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR fashion lines! L.A.M.B, GX, World of Harajuku, and DWP are the names. Gwen has always aspired to be a designer from a very young age. Even before she ever aspired to be a singer! Gwen and her mother handmade every single dress that she ever wore to any high school function. Talk about impressive. Little did she ever imagine she would one day have four high fashion lines of her own!

elizabeth-and-james-white-dress mary-kate-and-ashley-olsen-fashion-line the-row-black-dress

You may have heard of these tiny moguls before. Does the name Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen ring any bells? Yeah we thought so! Mary-kate and Ashley got their big break at 9 months old on the 90’s sitcom Full House back in 1987.  Both the girls shared the role as Michelle Tanner and captured the hearts of America. As the girls grew up, many young female fans began to take notice to their impeccable taste to fashion. The girls usually would take adult labels and have them cut down to their size. The problem was not every 10 year old could afford $100 shirts from Marc Jacobs! By the time the girls were 16 they decided to expand their empire into Walmart and sold millions of dollars’ worth of Mary-Kate and Ashley clothing and other merchandising. Today the girl’s focus is on running their high fashion labels The Row, Elizabeth and James and the more affordable Olsenboye. Doesn’t look like these girls are going anywhere anytime soon!

lauren-conrad-papercrown lauren-conrad-papercrown lauren-conrad-papercrown

Let’s fast forward to the year 2004. Some of the biggest TV shows in reality television history would come to life this year. One of those would include MTV’s Laguna Beach. There we met a girl named Lauren Conrad (or LC for short as her friends liked to call her).  Lauren was always the nice sweet girl who just couldn’t seem to ever escape the DRAMA of Laguna Beach High. After high school, Lauren went on to bigger and better things. She decided to study fashion design and merchandising at FIDM in Los Angeles. With many fans still supporting her throughout her rise and fall in reality TV, Lauren went on to create her own label Papercrown and picked up a MAJOR collaborating deal with Kohls! Lauren put an end to the “trainwreck reality star” stereotype, and made her experience a positive (and profitable) one! TEAM LC!

jessica-simpson-collection jessica-simpson-collection jessica-simpson-collection

Now Jessica Simpson may be the butt of some mean jokes in the media but one thing you can’t joke about is Jessica’s extreme eye for fashion.  Jessica Simpson has earned the nickname ‘Fashion’s Billion Dollar Baby’ thanks to her extremely successful line, the Jessica Simpson Collection. In 2010 alone, her line, which includes handbags, shoes, and clothing, earned a massive $750 million in retail sales. Now that’s impressive. I think it’s safe to say Jessica gets the last laugh on this one!


Who are some of your favorite celebrity designers? Tell us your thoughts in comment section below!

Farewell to a Legend- RIP Oscar de la Renta

As some of you may already know, yesterday the fashion world lost a major influence. The amazing Oscar De La Renta has passed away at the age of 82 years old. With a career spanning over four decades, Oscar De La Renta is one of the most revered designers of our time.So, today on our blog here at Ever-Pretty we want to take a moment to recognize the amazing legacy that Oscar De La Renta has left behind through a visual of some of his most amazing pieces of fashion.


This look was from Oscar’s most recent fashion show, the Spring/Summer 2015 show. Oscar had an amazing way of turning this simple hi-low skirt into a piece of art. The embroidered details at the bottom are what really made this look so eye catching.  A great way to add class and sophistication to a beautiful spring look.

taylor-swift-oscar-de-la-renta-met-gala 2dd65cee56ba3f77184210257a69679a

Now who would forget this look that Taylor Swift wore to the Met Gala Red Carpet event this year? This dress was absolutely made for her body! It was definitely an all-time favorite of Taylor’s. So much so, she tweeted about the dress last night when she heard the news of Oscar’s passing. She said quote “My all-time favorite designer has passed away. Oscar, it was an honor to wear your creations and to know you. In loving memory.” We know she won’t soon forget his legacy.


What some may not know is that Oscar also designed for a much younger audience too! He dared to mix and match patterns but stick with a general color. It’s evident that his creativity inspired all ages. This look in particular definitely accentuated a child’s bright spirit and spunk. Just because you’re a kid doesn’t mean you can’t be couture too right? We’re glad Oscar saw it that way too!

oscar-de-la-renta-wedding-gowns eff54f93c1dde635ff15ffd1481df0aa

What Oscar may be most known for is his jaw-dropping wedding gowns. When it came to designing wedding gowns nothing seemed impossible. Also, one thing was always evident… DETAIL DETAIL DETAIL, One dress might seem simple, but the closer you look you can see all the crazy attention to detail. Oscar knew exactly just what he was doing when it came to designing these gowns.


Oh yes ladies he did shoes too! He left no leaf unturned and made sure his customer was as coture as possible from head to toe. With this detail on your feet, Oscar wanted to be sure his customer was sure to turn some heads.


What are some of your most favorite pieces that Oscar has designed? Tell us in the comment section below!


Channel Your Inner Disney Princess this Halloween!

Who said dressing up as a Disney princess/villain has to end now that we are older? With Halloween around the corner this is your perfect excuse to let that inner child out! We here at Ever-Pretty are going to show you how you can take a few of our fab dresses and turn yourself into a gorgeous modern day Disney fashion-ista for this upcoming holiday!

cinderella-blue-dress-costume-idea Cinderella didn’t start out as a fashion-ista.  We all know that changed for her when her fairy god mother waved her magic wand. Next thing you know Cinderella bibbity-bobity-boop’ed  her way to the ball in style AND landed the guy! Grab an elegant modern day look with our Sapphire Blue Elegant Long Evening Dress. Want a true ballgown look just add one of our petticoats underneath for the perfect touch. (Just think of us as your fairy god mother!)



Now what little girl didn’t fall in love with Belle’s beautiful yellow dress? We sure did! Belle was always one of the most elegant and beautiful Disney princess’s. We guess that’s why they called her Belle! You can achieve Belle’s look with one of our more modern looking Yellow One Shoulder Flower Rhinestones Evening Dress.  Be the belle of the ball!



Now not everyone wants to be one of those goody goody princess’s this Halloween. You may want to channel your dark side and bring the evil out! Check out our wicked cool black and purple high low evening dress. Now if this doesn’t scream Maleficent I don’t know what will! (Mwahahaha…sorry we had to let that out!)


So maybe you’re a little spunky and want to help Peter Pan look for the lost boys? Then this is the dress for you! This light green one shoulder summer dress will definitely make you sparkle with pixie dust at any Halloween party. If your friends don’t believe in fairies, they sure will now!



Now who’s more beautiful in pink than Aurora from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty? If you want to be pretty in pink just like Aurora you will want to snag this one shoulder hot pink evening dress. (DISCLAIMER: Sleeping in this gown is not recommended ;)

rapunzel-tangled-costume-idea We must say that Rapunzel is most definitely one of our newest favorite Disney princesses.  Impress your friends with our very similar colored purple v neck high low dress.  This dress also comes padded enough to where there is no need to be worn with a bra. This is a great option for us females! Plus it’s just one less thing to worry about after combing all that hair!

What dress would you pick from the above options?  Tells us your thoughts below!