The Perfect Game Day Outfit with

Baseball season may be over, but fashion is never out of style. Support your favorite team by putting together a simple outfit that makes a big statement!

Our company is based in Orange County, Southern California. Home of the Angels! So without question, we chose a White and Red Angels hat from They have a huge selection of hats, jerseys, jackets and accessories for just about every team out there!

For our look, we chose our White Short Sleeve Lace Fit and Flare Short Casual Dress. It’s very easy to wear just about any accessory with this dress. You can dress it up or down, perfect for tail gates and game nights at home or the Stadiums.

We based our entire look around this hat and dress, we also added a few accessories that may give an edgy feel to your outfit. Red lipstick can’t be beat; perfect for any game day. You’ll look fierce and support your team with class. Red shoes; remember, it’s still a sport and you’ll be doing a lot of standing up for the wave, maybe some walking back and forth to the concession stand; stay comfy. For those games that go into the night, a nice black motorcycle jacket will keep you warm and stylish. You can roll up the sleeves as well, given that Autumn nights are still warm.  And, finally, a bracelet for you and your best friend, mom, sister or any friend for that matter. Besties who support together, stay together!

So go on out and rep your teams gear with style!


Monday Musing: Our Favorite Things About Fall

In case you don’t know, Ever-Pretty’s US headquarters are located in sunny Southern California so we technically don’t really have fall, but that doesn’t stop us from daydreaming about the beauty of this mystical season. Here’s a list of our favorite things about Fall:

1. The beauty of the leaves changing! There may only be a few places around us where we can actually see this happening but that only makes us appreciate the occasion all the more.


2. Pumpkin Spice Everything! We realize this has very little to do with actual pumpkins and everything to do with the magical combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, and ginger but that doesn’t change how we feel about it. It really does just taste like fall! If you’re looking for some creative takes on the trend, Trader Joe’s really has this nailed.


3. Pies! After a sweltering summer, where turning the oven on was not even an option, we are so excited to bake things again! Granted it is still about 80 degrees here but by our standards that is still baking weather.

4. HALLOWEEN! Who doesn’t love Halloween? It’s a holiday where we get to dress up and be anything we want to be, so much fun. (Plus, a little make believe is good for the soul.) In need of costume ideas- check out our Into the Mystic collection.


5. Flannels, blankets, and all things cozy! As much as we do love the sun, some artificial warmth ala warm and fuzzy accessories is just so wonderful!


What are your favorite things about fall? Tell us in the comments below:

National Mean Girls Day

In honor of “National Mean Girls Day,” Ever-Pretty is feeling a bit nostalgic of this cult classic that became an instant hit a decade ago…(yes, it’s already been 10 years. How old do you feel?) In case you are not on social media, a female or a fan of the early 2000s, National Mean Girls Day derives from that memorable scene in the movie “Mean Girls,” where Aaron Samuels turns around to ask Cady Heron what day it was, and she replied, “It’s October 3rd.” However, don’t get confused on this non-official holiday’s name, Ever-Pretty is not condoning or promoting girl-on-girl bashing, but rather, we have put together some of our favorite one-liners, fashion pointers, diet fads and friendship rules that Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert had to offer.

  1. “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.” (OK not really, but Ever-Pretty does have some really cute pink dresses that you can browse through!) karen-mean-girls
  2. “That’s so fetch!” (Translation: “That’s so cool!” OR “That’s so rad!”)
  3. “I’m not like a regular mom. I’m a cool mom!” (I’m pretty sure we all had that one friend in high school who really did have a cool mom that would let you get away with stuff and not call your parents.)
  4. “If you’re from Africa, why are you white?” Followed by the appropriate response: “Oh my god Karen! You can’t just ask people why they’re white!”
  5. “We only wear jeans or track pants on Fridays.” (Is this where “casual Friday” derived from?)
  6. “Grool.” (Translation: Great + Cool = Grool.)grool
  7. “I’m a mouse, duh.” (With Halloween right around the corner, shop some of Ever-Pretty’s ready-to-wear costumes, or check out our previous blog on what costumes we offer!)
  8. “The limit does not exist.” (This can apply to so many things, but let’s keep it simple and say that women can never have enough beautiful dresses and gowns in their closet. LBD anyone?)
  9. “Is butter a carb?” (Unfortunately, yes.)
  10. “Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.” (…Because sometimes a girl just needs cheese fries…OK!?) cheesefries

Ever-Pretty Celebrates Halloween!

It’s that time of year again! The Halloween craze is in full effect and Ever-Pretty is diving in headfirst! No matter how old you are, Halloween is the perfect excuse to act like a big kid. Whether it’s a mermaid, animal, your favorite childhood cartoon character or a celebrity, throw on that costume and have some fun! In the spirit of the spooky season, Ever-Pretty has several ready-to-wear costumes that will show-off your enthusiasm this Halloween season!

If you grew up watching “The Flinstones,” then Ever-Pretty’s version of a Pebbles costume is right for you! This one-shouldered, animal print dress is a unique take on the popular costume choice, featuring an empire waistline to help create a silhouette shape and a fun, flowy skirt for an Ever-Pretty touch. Pair it with some bone-stud earrings and Palm tree-style ponytail for a dead-on Pebbles get-up.


Are you a lover of the open ocean? Then try out one of our multiple sailor girl-themed dresses for the ultimate nautical costume. Ever-Pretty offers Halloween lovers both a red and white-striped, maxi-style dress; and a navy blue and white-striped, party-style dress. Pair these dresses with a sailor or captain hat to accurately top off the look!


If you are one known to shake your groove thang all night long, then take a spin in Ever-Pretty’s 60s gogo dancer-inspired dress! This one-shouldered, floral piece boasts a brightly-colored pattern and shorter hemline for the ultimate hippie-chic ensemble. Combine this look with a pair of white, knee-high boots and some peace-sign earrings, and you are ready for the dance floor.


If you are ready for the Little White Chapel, then this white Ever-Pretty dress is perfect for the ultimate Vegas bride get-up! The sexy neckline, lacy adornments and veil attachment are the seamless accessories to complete this sexy bridal costume. Pair this dress with some high heels and the groom of your choice, and you are ready for the walk down the aisle!


What’s Your Dress Personality?

The great thing about dresses is that they come in all different styles, patterns, cuts, hemlines and necklines. Every woman has their go-to style of dress, and in the same breath, they know which ones to avoid. For example, I avoid strapless dresses because I am smaller up top and I feel as though they make me look like I have broader shoulders than I really do. However, the dress style that never fails me is a halter dress, preferably with a sweetheart cut to the top. As far as lengths go, it either has to be down to the floor maxi-style, or fall half-way to my knees. I like to think of myself as a perfect mix between “Party Princess” and “Queen of Casual” when it comes to dress shopping. Sometimes I am all about the glam, and others I just don’t want to be bothered with the huss and fuss. What dress personality are you?

Sleek & Chic: Whether you have a formal event like a dance, banquet or birthday party that you are attending, Ever-Pretty provides our clientele with fashion-forward dresses that boast elegance and grace. If you are more of a “Sleek and Chic” kind of girl, then you are a lover of longer hemlines (perhaps mermaid-style?), conservative necklines, and form-fitting garments that are simple yet dashing. Ever-Pretty carries a wide selection of these dresses that are perfect for any formal occasion.

sleeknchic Party Princess: If you are the type that always has something going on – a girl’s night out, birthday parties or just loves to dance – you’ve got to have multiple party dresses in your arsenal that are ready to wear at any given moment. The Party Princess gravitates towards shorter hemlines with a daring top – think a deep V-neck or strapless – and is a sucker for sequins and sparkles. Ever-Pretty has a wide array of dresses that will surely make you the pretty life of the party!

partyprincess Queen of Casual: Every girl has those days where they just want to rock the bare minimum without having to constantly adjust, fix or touch-up anything. However, for some girls, this is their lifestyle. Queens of Casual typically leans towards maxi-style dresses that fall effortlessly, or they are willing to try their hand at an easy-to-wear dress with a flowy skirt and a secure top like a rounded neckline, spaghetti straps or something with sleeves. Whatever casual wear style you are leaning towards, Ever-Pretty takes the guessing out of dressing with our selection of casual dresses.


Weekend Warrior

In the spirit of the weekend being just a few hours away, I decided to honor the “weekend warrior.” Typically a weekend warrior is defined as someone who parties their life away Friday night through Sunday night, and manages to make it to work on Monday morning with no problems – but I’m not honoring that kind of weekend warrior. I have put together a list of what my definition of a weekend warrior is, and it does not include any sort of liquor or inebriates. It is highlighting the responsible and productive women that take the weekend by storm.

  • Her cardio and strength workouts aren’t just confined to a Monday through Friday schedule. She gets up for her early morning spin or yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday too, when everyone else is nursing their hangovers. Namaste. Enlightenment in nature
  • She cooks at home. Instead of wasting money and calories by eating out, she cooks her breakfast, lunch and dinner at home because she’s frugal and health-conscious.
  • She enjoys the outdoors. And not in the standard day-drinking kind of way. She goes for a hike in Laguna Beach or Runyon Canyon, or takes her beach cruiser for a ride down the Newport Beach boardwalk. lagunabeach
  • She arts n’ crafts. Whether she’s a freelance writer, designer or vision board-enthusiast, she uses her time wisely on weekend afternoons tackling her creative at-home projects that she can’t get to during the week.
  • She may be a chiller, but she’s not a bore. She doesn’t have to drink to have fun. She enjoys spending time with girlfriends, family and her significant other by catching a movie, indulging in a little retail therapy or swapping stories over the phone. girls-shopping-istockhires3

Highlights of Homecoming History

Here’s your history lesson for the day: the evolution of Homecoming. Homecoming was always my favorite time of the school year, but it wasn’t a formal event like it is for much of the U.S. But do you know when Homecoming originated? The first Homecoming is said to have occurred in 1909 at Southwestern University – yes, a college, not a high school. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of Homecoming’s evolution throughout the last century.

During the 1930s, the idea of electing a Homecoming court commenced. Kings and Queens were chosen based largely upon the float they rode in during the Homecoming parade, with the individual qualities making up a small part of the vote. Initially, the Homecoming King and Queen slots were reserved only for seniors, while underclassmen were elected as Homecoming Princes and Princesses. This – among a wide variety of other things – changed over time.

While the war was going on in the 1940s, formal styles of Homecoming wear evolved as a result of rationing. In order to save fabric, dresses became shorter, resulting in showing more legs and form-fitting dresses. Rationing didn’t just affect the silhouette and length of dresses, but the use of buttons and zippers were also reduced, forcing girls to give up girdles, wear wooden heels and reuse dresses from the decade prior, opting for plain colors such as maroon, grey and beige.

The 1960s were a time of revolution for plenty of American culture aspects, with one of the main ones being style. This is when Mod and hippie styles took over the conservative looks of the 1950s. Despite the evolving social landscape, for much of the 60s, formal styles remained feminine and delicate. The pieces worn to dances were pretty yet modest, and often featured bows, belts and other frilly accents, including elbow-length gloves.

During the 1980s – an era that was defined by excess – the Homecoming experiences became more elaborate where trends such as rented limos, tuxedos and increasingly over-the-top parties became the norm. Dresses were adorned with puffy sleeves, gathers, ruffles, huge bows, fabric roses, geometric fabric insets, asymmetrical cuts and metallic fabrics.

We still see some of the 1980s influence in our modern dresses, however, today’s Homecoming pieces range from short to long to gowns and party-dress styles. Shop Ever-Pretty today for our wide selection of Homecoming dresses!


LBD Remains Rooted in Fashion History

Right up there with your go-to beauty product, favorite pair of heels and preferred pair of distressed jeans is that LBD hanging in your closet. It’s one of those items that is considered a must-have and something that you never part with on your annual clothing clean-up haul. But WHY is the little black dress considered such a prized possession for all women? Ever-Pretty breaks down the roots of the LBD, and how it came to set the bar for party and formal wear.

Before the 1920s, it was conchanel-lbdsidered distasteful to wear black in times other than mourning. However, this changed when Coco Chanel published a short black dress in Vogue in 1926. The magazine dubbed this dress “Chanel’s Ford,” because like the Model T, it was accessible to all women. Vogue said the dress was “a sort of uniform for all women of taste.”

Through the years of The Great Depression, the little black dress remained popular because it didn’t take a lot of money to find one and create a put-together look. As time went on, the LBD continued to maintain its popularity during World War II due to the rationing of textiles. During this time, it also unofficially became a “uniform” for the droves of women heading to the workplace.

After the war during the 1950s and early 60s, the little black dress took a bit of a social hit. Though still worn, it was seen as a little dangerous in the sense that the woman sporting the LBD wasn’t quite as pure as the conservative woman in powder blue. However, the 1960s breathed life into the little black dress once again with the younger mod generation looking to push boundaries and try out new lengths. Behold the mini skirt and dress!lbd

The little black dress has definitely taken different forms over the decades, as seen in Ever-Pretty’s previous blog talking about the evolution of the LBD. However, one thing has remained the same. A little black dress is equivalent to glamour and beauty, and has definitely made its mark in fashion history as an iconic piece. Whether it’s short, long, has sleeves, strapless, form-fitting or not, a little black dress continues to be a trendsetter, and Ever-Pretty offers a wide variety of LBDs to choose from.


Fall Has Arrived

Fall is here! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to appreciate the fall season more and more. Sometimes it feels better to cover up in some sweaters, leggings and Uggs than trying to figure out how little of clothing you can wear without being deemed inappropriate – (summer 2014 we are looking at you!) To kick off the autumn season, Ever-Pretty has compiled some of our favorite things about the turning of the leaves and drop in degrees! Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks. Enough said. Homecoming season! We remember how fun it was to find that perfect dress, get our hair and make-up done, and dance the night away. Still looking for the dress of your dreams? Shop here for the wide selection of dresses that Ever-Pretty offers, ranging in style, design, colors and patterns. HE05109PP-LCrisp air. Instead of waking up to the muggy, sun-blaring mornings, fall provides a fresh and clean feeling to the morning air. Shorter days. If you’re nocturnal, less sunlight might mean more productivity for you. For others, it might help you wind down earlier, meaning more rest and relaxation. P1060070 It’s no longer bikini season. Even though it’s still sunny and Southern California residents will go to the beach for weeks to come, with the official arrival of fall, it takes a little bit of the pressure off until next summer.

10 Fashion Rules You Should Break

We all grew up with them: those fashion rules passed down from mom to daughter that mustn’t be broken. I’ve heard to never wear brown and black together, and I’ve also heard that lighter-skinned individuals shouldn’t wear light gray because it washes them out. Some rules might be relevant and some rules could be considered completely crazy – depending on whom they are being applied, and whom they derived from. In my opinion, fashion should be about taking risks, and should be left without rules. It’s one of the few things we have complete control over in regards to our self-expression and rules of style. Below are 10 fashion rules that you should break: Sneakers Are Gym Attire Only: Who wants to wear heels all of the time?! I know I don’t. I suggest finding a super stylish pair of gym sneakers that you can easily pair with your everyday get-ups. For example, I just purchased a pair of running shoes by Puma. I find myself wearing them to work or out running errands as well because they are so cute. Your feet deserve a break. Navy And Black Clash: I don’t see any problem with wearing navy and black together, it probably just needs to be done nicely – just like anything else. It’s suggested to choose a rich blue navy that is distinct from black. The combination can actually be a slimming one. Midi Skirts Make Short Girls Look Shorter: I am short, so I understand these types of rules. However, if you get a high-waisted midi skirt that falls just below the knee, and one that has less of a poufy skirt to it, the overall look doesn’t weigh you down. No White After Labor Day: Really though? This is just a silly rule. I personally love white year-round. It is a universally-flattering shade that is both clean and crisp. Ever-Pretty has a wide selection of LWDs.LWD Faux Fur is a Faux Pas: I don’t agree with real fur, and I feel like faux fur is done so well these days that sometimes you can’t tell the difference. Faux fur also makes for a great accent piece, such as a scarf or vest. Keep Your Bra Tucked Away: Just like the navy and black together rule, this has to be done elegantly. We don’t want to see you wearing a leopard bra under a white shirt. However, pairing a bralette underneath a buttoned-up, sheer blouse is completely acceptable. Horizontal Stripes Make You Look Bigger: I wear horizontal stripes all of the time. In fact, I have a lot of striped everything. I do, however, make sure that I am wearing my stripes on my skinnier days. I also like to pair it with a jean jacket or blazer to detract a little bit from the busy pattern. Ever-Pretty offers several cute striped dresses, like this one. Gold and Silver Don’t Mix: What made me change my mind on this rule was my best friend’s engagement ring. The color combo allows her to wear it with anything, and it doesn’t stand out in an akward manner. Pairing gold and silver can be fun and stylish. Before You Walk Out That Door, Remove One Accessory: I know when I see pictures of celebrities like Rihanna decked out in arms full of bracelets or a neck full of necklaces, I think to myself, “I need to remember to do that next time.” If you are wearing a simple outfit, make it loud with accessories. rihanna Mixing Prints Looks Messy: They can’t be equally loud prints. One has to be quieter than the other, such as stripes and camo. You don’t want to be overly obnoxious.