Hollywood’s Youngest Trend Setters

Hollywood’s biggest stars always seem to steal the spotlight when it comes to the next biggest trends in fashion. Well what about the little people in the world? And we mean that literally! We are talking about the trendiest little tots/kids of Hollywood. Today we will feature who think are coolest and trendiest kids of Hollywood. Watch out mom and dad cause these kids are the next big trend setters!



Honor Warren shares mom Jessica Alba’s easy-chic vibe, styling her horse-print shift with a black drapy cardigan, ultra-cool Doc Martens and a canvas bag with neon orange piping. We can see Honor in another ten years walking the read carpet with grace just like her super star mom! You go Honor!


Mom Gwen Stefani lets Kingston Rossdale choose his own threads. For an afternoon out, the blond youngster injected his inner punk influence on his sweater vest-and-khakis combo with a necklace and rock-steady boots. “We’re just hoping for the best and that he’s not going to turn out to be a freak, but we’ll see,” Gwen Stefani has joked of her fashion-forward oldest son with hubby Gavin Rossdale. With super studded parent’s like Gwen and Gavin there’s no doubt that Kingston will be a future trend setter!


Like father, like son. Romeo Beckham is as dapper as David Beckham on the red carpet. As the face of Burberry, the charming boy model was decked in the British label, from his tailored suit to his dashing overcoat. Would you expect anything less when your parents are super hottie David Beckham and Victoria Beckham a.k.a Posh Spice? We have a feeling mom and dad taught Romeo everything he knows!



Suri Cruise is all grown up! Ever since she was able to walk she has been seen out and about with mom Katie Holmes and dad Tom Cruise looking wise beyond her years! This time the ever-stylish Cruise was out and about on the city streets in a baby-blue floral shift dress and contrasting bright red Roger Vivier buckle flats. We have a strong feeling that maybe someday Suri will soon have a fashion line of her own! She was born a fashion-ista.


Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith’s daughter is a fan of neon hair colors and other boundary-pushing looks, and that’s OK with mom and dad. “When you have a little girl, it’s like, how can you teach her that you’re in control of her body?” Will has said. “If I teach her that I’m in charge of whether or not she can touch her hair, she’s going to replace me with some other man when she goes out in the world.” We see a long future of interesting and creative looks for this young trend setter.

Who do you think is trendiest of young Hollywood? Let us know in the comment section below!








Lauren Conrad: The Chop Heard Around the World!

When you hear the name Lauren Conrad the very first thing that comes to mind is hair. Lauren is known for her beautiful long blonde locks ever since her early days on MTV’s Laguna Beach. These day’s Lauren has seemed to have a change of heart when it comes to her long wavy hair. That’s right folk, Lauren Conrad chopped it all off! Maybe it had something to do with being newly married and wanting to a fresh look to start off a new chapter in her life. Well whatever the reason was, you can bet she still looks fabulous! Today we take a look back to all the gorgeous hair trends that Lauren has styled all so well.



When we first met Lauren on MTV’s Laguna Beach she rocked the platinum sun-kissed blonde streaks. What else would you expect from a so cal cutie like Lauren. After all, having the beach literally in your backyard makes it oh so easy to naturally achieve this hair style. Soon girls all over the country were going to the salon to get these hella-cool highlights!


lauren conrad brown hair-VLYZ


In 2009 Lauren got a little daring and tried a sort brown color. This look almost made her look like an entire different person! Crazy what a little bit of hair color can do to change a persons look! But even with brown hair Lauren STILL was one of the most chic looking young ladies in Hollywood! We personally were a fan of this color change!




Come 2012 Lauren was yet again creating another huge fashion hair trend. The beloved ombre! If you even type the word “ombre” into google search basically all that will come up is photo’s of Lauren! She was the queen of this look. And no one perfected this look quite the way she could! I would say this is most def Lauren’s signature look! (OH and the don’t forget the winged cat eyeliner!)




By the year 2013, Lauren got rid of the extra long highlights and went for a more natural look. Thats right, Lauren for the first time in years went au natural when it came to her hair. (Well not too natural of course…blonde highlights were needed to keep the look fresh!) We were shocked but not surprised that Lauren could rock her natural hair. I mean she is pure beauty inside and out!




The chop heard around the world! Everyone was stunned when Lauren debuted her newly chopped hair this year. But oh my gosh she proved yet again that she can rock ANY hair style. This new hair was debuted about a month after Lauren said “I do” to her new husband William Tell. We are pretty sure this was Lauren’s way of saying “out with the old and in with the new” as she starts a new chapter of her life. We are in love with the new do!


What is your favorite hair cut/color from Lauren? Let us know in the comment section below!


The style evolution of One Direction

These days it seems everywhere you turn you will see these five strapping young lads from England and Ireland. Know who I am talking about already? You may have heard of them even. Does the name One Direction ring any bells? Yesterday the boys released their fourth album titled “Four” (yes because this is the 4th album!) Can you believe these boys have been cranking out number one hits for four years already? These boys have grown before our eyes, and so have their own personal styles! Today we go back in time and visit to style evolution to the worlds most favorite boy band, One Direction!



Just months after being assembled on season

7 of ‘The X Factor,’ 1D already looked like a family. A super awkward, dorky, adorable family. But aside from that, even in the early day’s these boys knew how to put together an adorable wardrobe! We loved the cool and relaxed look that seemed to go so well with the adorable floppy haircuts. Let’s face it they didn’t really have to try to swoon us with any good sense of style. Just look at those cute faces!



By 2011 the boys were starting to get their signature styled looks down. This shot in time is from the “Up All Night” Tour. This tour was 1D’s first ever headlining tour; the DVD of which would top the charts in 25 countries and sell over one million copies in a matter of three months. Although, we may or may not have bought a million copies just on our own. 




By the year 2012 the boys started to get a little more daring/edgy when it came to their signature looks. Zayn went  with a punk-y platinum blonde strip in his hair. All the while Liam buzzed all his off! This shot in particular show 1D making a triumphant return to the Today Show, drawing a record-breaking crowd of 15,000 screaming fans. Some fans had even been camped out for as long as a week. Truthfully, we can’t say we wouldn’t do the same. 




2013 marked One Direction’s most successful year to date. Not only did the boys score a box office hit with their big screen debut “This Is Us” but they also released their 3rd album “Midnight Memories”. The boys also showed the world their own personal style. The boys pretty much had complete control of all the shots at this point, which included wardrobe! (With help of personal hair stylist Lou Teasdale of course.)



This year 1D has shown the most growth thus far! Personally and professionally. Each member has a very distinguished look by now. Harry- big hat skinny jeans Liam- cool flannel and jeans Zayn- mysterious leather jacket bad boy Louis- skater boy Niall- casual and comfortable. Seem’s like these boys have come so far in so little time! We can’t wait to see what is to come next for these lads!


Who is your favorite best dressed member of 1D? Let us know in the comment section below!


Ever-Pretty- Kardashian Style

The Kardashian sisters sure know how to make headlines all over the world. More so recently, Kim Kardashian has had people talking with her scandalous photo shoot she did for Paper Magazine. What else would you expect from these drama-filled sisters? One thing we know for sure is that these sisters all have a great taste in fashion. We will show you today how you can achieve similar looks from Ever-Pretty without breaking your bank!

PicMonkey Collage


At the LACMA event Kim wore this ruched chiffon floor length one shoulder dress. She was by far the best dressed at the event. Well guess what? Here at Ever-Pretty we have a very similar dress! Our one shoulder empire waist beaded long dress. This dress now runs for only $59.99! Perfect for any formal event and sure to turn heads just like Kim!




Everyone needs a little black dress in thier wardrobe! And one one wears them better than Kim. Now you can too with our Ever-Pretty Strapless Fitted Little Black Cocktail Dress. This dress also features unique ruched waist design that creates an elegant silhouette. This dress is also padded enough to where you can get away with not having to wear a bra. Comfortable and sexy all in one!





Here is Khloe wearing a red and white striped strapless maxi dress at the LiveLouder event in LA. And you can bet that Ever-Pretty has a similar look for this one too! Our halter v-neck striped hi-lo maxi party dress is now only $54.99! This fun stylish look will have you looking just like Khloe at any fun party or event! We have to say this one of the cutest look-a-like dresses yet!



Now you too can look sexy and elegant in red with our sexy v-neck evening dress. This dress is now going for $49.99! This dress features a “Double” hemline arched lower in the front, and is raised slightly in center of back. This dress is yet sure to be a hit at any formal event! You will be just as stunning as Miss,Kardashian herself!



What was your favorite look from the above styles? Let us know in the comment section below!




Top 3 outfits for Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey day is upon us! Not only are we super excited to stuff our face with all kinds of food, but to also its just another excuse to dress up! Fall has to be our most favorite season because we get to wear all kinds of layers! The more layers equals more clothes! What more would any fashionista want! Today we will show you a couple idea’s that we had that might help you to decide what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner this year.




This outfit is perfect for Thanksgiving. Why you ask? Well, for one it requires leggings. I don’t know about you but when Thanksgiving comes around we love to EAT! Legging’s are just a tad bit more forgiving if you know your going be stuffing your face at the dinner table. Plus they are just super cute anyways! We paired beige flats and a beige knitted sweater with this look. And just to add a pop of color we had to pair this outfit with the deep burgundy scarf.




The next outfit we can’t get enough of. We love the navy blue pleated skirt paired with the cream colored crop sweater. Keep in mind that this outfit is only recommended if you live in a warmer climate of this season. Then again, even if you don’t there’s nothing wrong with throwing some black leggings under this skirt to help keep you nice and warm.




If you want to go for a more edgy-chic look then this is the outfit for you. We loved the red skinny’s with the black lacy draped shirt. And just to add to the layered effect we added a black kimono. For the shoes we stayed with a small heeled black leather bootie. Choose this look and you definitely be the most fashionable guest at the dinner table!


What was your favorite outfit of the three listed above? Let us know in the comment section! :)





Our favorite celebrity perfume’s.

This holiday season has our mind going crazy with idea’s of what we might want to ask Santa to bring us. We just don’t know where to begin! Well, we do have one idea. How about a new celebrity perfume scent to add to our vanity? Which one is the right one? There are so many of them! Well, today we will tell you what ones you might want to consider buying this season. Either for yourself or for that special someone!


Our first recommendation is Taylor by yes, Taylor Swift. The new scent, came out in June. It has been described as “bursting with effervescent fruits, feminine florals and warm, creamy woods. Sounds very elegant don’t you think? Taylor said of the new scent that “Taylor is a mix of a lot of things – it’s sweet, it’s sophisticated, it draws you in – it’s really my way of translating classic, yet modern, into a perfume,”. What more could a girl want in a scent? Taylor can seem to do it all!



Gwen Stefani launches new Harajuku Lovers perfumes with HSN (made by the by GS Fragrance Group) in the Pop Electric collection coming out in fall 2014. The original five dolls (G, Baby, Love, Music and Lil ‘Angel) are launched with new fragrances and new look – the white bottles look like they were dipped in melted chrome of different vivid colors. Our favorite one you ask? Well of course it’s “G”. G is described as “stylish and creamy gourmet scent of energy and sex appeal, made from coconut cream, flowers, musk and woods.” Sounds good enough to eat!


Oh yes we couldn’t forget about the world’s most popular boy band. One direction launched their 2nd perfume this year called You & I. This fruity smelling perfume is described as “bright splashes of mango and refreshing grapefruit are combined with a heart of creamy osmanthus, exotic orchid and soft peony to offer a romantic signature that captures the peak of nature in bloom. Background notes of musk, indulgent praline and sandalwood blend to wrap the fragrance in smooth, seamless harmony.” Sounds amazing! Now if only Harry Styles came as the free gift with purchase. A girl can dream right?


The last scent we fell in love with this year is Killer Queen by Katy Perry. Killer Queen is described as “an intoxicating and charmingly playful floriental fragrance with luscious notes fit for royalty. Inspired by a Queen’s scepter, the jewel-shaped bottle portrays sexy sophistication and luxury. The rich gold crown cap showcases a custom crest capturing Katy Perry’s playful essence.” What else would you expect from the queen of pop Katy Perry? She stops at nothing make sure all her “Katy Cats” are smelling fabulous! All hail to the queen!

What are some of your favorite celebrity scents? Let us know in the comments below!

Our favorite fashion magazine’s!

Working with fashion is an ever growing industry. Let’s face it, just being a fashion lover can be exhausting on it’s own! Sometimes we need a little refresh of creativity to keep us on our toes. And what better place to look to than some of our most favorite fashion magazines! Today we will talk about some of our most loved fashion magazines that every fashion-ista should read monthly! (That is if you don’t already!)

Vintage Vogue December 1960

Vogue is the the bible of fashion magazines you could say. In 1892, Arthur Turnure founded Vogue as a weekly publication in the United States, sponsored by Kristoffer Wright. Turnure’s intention was to create a publication that celebrated the “ceremonial side of life”. From its debut, the magazine targeted the new New York aristocracy, establishing social norms in a country that did not value class and ceremony as much as England or France. The magazine at this time was mainly concerned with fashion, with coverage of sports and social affairs included for its male readership. As of October 2013, the average print circulation of Vogue is 11.3 million, while the website’s average monthly online audience is 1.6 million. And don’t forget there is also Teen Vogue for the teen audience too! Is there anyone Vogue doesn’t reach?



Next we come to Glamour. Glamour was founded in 1939 in the United States, it was originally called Glamour of Hollywood. The magazine targets women 18–49 and reaches a subscription audience of 1,411,061 readers in the United States. Now that’s a HUGE audience! Did you know that each year for the last 56 years, the magazine has selects a top ten list of outstanding college women across the country? The list was originally composed of the best dressed college juniors in America, but was changed for more substance with categories such as academic achievement, community service, and career goals as leading criteria. That alone makes us love Glamour even more! They know its important to recognize everyday fashion-ista’s just like you and I!



There is so much to say about Elle magazine! Elle really speaks for it’s self considering that  is also the world’s best selling fashion magazine. It was founded in France by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Hélène Gordon in 1945.  In 1981, Daniel Filipacchi and Jean-Luc Lagardère purchased Hachette magazines, which included ElleElle was then launched in the U.S and is what we know it to be today! Elle has come so far! It is even well known in many other country’s like New York CityLondonToronto, and Mexico to name a few.



One our other favorite magazines is Marie Claire. Marie Claire is an international monthly magazine for women. First published in France in 1937, various editions are published in many countries and languages. The United States edition focuses on women around the world and several global issues. Marie Claire magazine also covers healthbeauty, and fashion topics. That’s what makes this magazine stand out from many others! We think if you read any fashion magazine this should be the one for your


What are some of your most favorite fashion magazine’s? Tell us in the comment section below!


5 thrifty gifts for the holidays!

Can you believe it already November? Neither can we! The holiday’s are quickly approaching and that means it’s time to empty our wallets! Well, we are here to say It doesn’t always have to be this way! Today on our blog we will show you some of the things that you don’t have to always an arm and a leg for!




Dad or Grandpa needing a new tool set? Did you know you can get big discounts on used tools? Before you do so make sure you but your research before you end up buying a dud. Buy the tools from a legitimate seller or from people you know and trust. And if you wanna fork out a couple more dollars buy dad a nice tool box or tool rack to hold them on! He will be amazed by the thoughtful gift!



Sister and Mom wanting a high end designer bag?  Uh-oh, sounds like trouble right? Well how about a vintage bag? Gives the classic brand names a one-of-a-kind twist (after all, you don’t see these golden oldies in stores anymore!). Find one from a thrift store or online at places like Poshmark. If you even look hard enough you can find very convincing knock-off bags at 1/4 of the price! And don’t forget we here at Even Ever-Pretty also have wide variety of  affordable clutches! Problem solved!




Older brother moving away for college and needing some furniture for his first place? There are plenty of great deals on Craigslist, and if your friends or neighbors are giving away their old furniture, that’s even better. Don’t be afraid to check out thrift stores, as well; you can find some unique pieces with great price tags. But keep in mind that staying away from used furniture with fabric will lower the risk of bringing bed bugs into your or his home!



Baby niece and nephew need gifts too right? Baby clothes, toys, and other baby-related gear doesn’t get much use once baby is all grown up. Just stay away from items like car seats and cribs, because the safety standards are updated all the time, so the used items may not meet the current safety requirements. You can find gently used clothes at places like stores like Children’s Orchard and Goodwill!



Is Grandma a book worm? You buy used books that look practically brand-new from websites such as Amazon, or trade them on the web at Swap.com. And don’t forget the Goodwill again! Goodwill has tons and tons of used books! In fact it might be your best bet to find the best prices when it comes to used books!


Do you have any thrifty gift ideas for the upcoming holidays? Let us know in the comment section below! 

The perfect little black dress!

Ok ladies, so it Friday/Saturday night and you are ready to tear it up on the dance floor with your girls right? One little problem, you have nothing to wear! What about the classic little black dress? You can never go wrong with those bad boys! And guess what, here at Ever-Pretty we got you covered with all types of little black dresses! We have just recently put together our large collection of our most adorable and sexy little black dresses. Read on to see what ones we favor the most!



This ladies is the definition of little black dress! We loved the two mesh stripes on the mid thigh and chest area. It really gives just a touch a sexy but keeping it very conservative at the same time. What more could you want in a little black dress? If you looking to turn heads on the dance floor,  this is the dress for you!



So maybe your not the girlie-girl type? Well then you are def looking at the right dress! This cute high-low little black dress is a show-stopper! The anti-punk style metal beads on the chest are the best part this look. Almost brings out a little Stevie Nicks rocker-chic if you will. This dress is sure to dazzle you and others all night long!

HE05176BK-L1This sexy black round neck hollow cocktail dress is by far the sexiest! The stunning keyhole cutout enhances the charm of this dress. The soft polyester material makes it easy to dance your way through the night without any discomfort! Your girlfriends will be dying to know where this adorable dress came from.




We can’t get over the cut of this little black dress! Ok, so yes we are suckers for the sweetheart cut, but that’s beside the point! This dress has a unique ruched design that is for sure to create an elegant silhouette. Also this dress focuses more on the ever popular pencil style. We just cant stop looking at this classy ensemble! 


What is your idea of the perfect little black dress? Tell us your thoughts below!


Throwback Thursday: 90′s Female Fashion Icons

Yes that’s right, it is Thursday once again! We love this day of the week so much. Well really, we just love it because we usually choose this day to look back in the history of the fashion. And our most favorite decade to revisit is the good ole 90′s! Let’s face it, the 90′s were just one of the best times in fashion! Ok, well maybe ONE of the best. Today we take a look back at some our most favorite 90′s icons that helped shape the fashion world today!




Do the names Kate, Naomi, Linda, Cindy, and Christy ring any bells? Oh yes these are the all too familiar one-name models of the 90′s! The 90′s are by and large recognized as the decade of the supermodel! These models became household names in the 90′s. Everyone wanted to look just like them and be them! You couldn’t turn on the TV or open a magazine without seeing their faces! These drop dead gorgeous ladies are most def the most iconic of the 90′s.

When the 90′s introduced us to Cher Horowitz I am pretty sure every girl ages 10 and above fell in love! Cher always made sure to daunt her ever famous plaid outfits to school each day. And lets not forget the high knee top socks! Those are what helped to accessorize the Clueless look after all! Girls all over the country were soon spotted looking and talking just like our favorite Clueless movie characters! This made Cher and her crew the most rad “betty’s” of the 90′s!



Gwen Stefani. Need we say more? No probably not, but we are going to anyways! Gwen Stefani rise to fame was ever present in the 90′s. Gwen fronted her band No Doubt and stole the spotlight with her crop tops, drop-crotch pants, dark red lipstick, bindhis and platinum blonde pompadour hairstyles! You name it, Gwen started it all when it came to the 90′s rock alternative fashion scene. And it seems like she hasn’t aged since! Bow down to the rock queen of the 90′s!



The Spice Girls really did spice up the 90′s in so many way. We think the thing that they brought to the table most was all their different and unique styles! Scary, Baby, Ginger, Posh and Sporty inspired girls all around the world to dress and dance just like them! And let’s not forget the ever famous 7inch Buffalo platform boots the girls are famous for! These girls brought girl power and feminist love to the 90′s, and are still adored to this day! GIRL POWER!


5808fdf7426e5e7ae9117ba51975e98cKelly Kapowski (a.k.a Tiffany Amber Theissan) from the hit TV series Saved By The Bell, was probably the most recognized teen queen of the 90′s! Kelly Kapowski the head cheerleader at Bayside High was the most fashionable and jaw dropping gorgous girl of the school.  Though, she wasn’t your average popular snooty girl! She was actually a nice sweet girl next door type! That made us love her even more! Could Kelly be anymore perfect than she already was? These days you will still find people dressing like her for Halloween! I guess everyone STILL wants to be just like Kelly. We have a feeling Miss.Kapowski will still be talked about for generations to come!


Who are some of your favorite fashion icons of the 90′s? There are so many! Tell us in the comment section below!