How To Find Your Perfect Summer Sandal!

June is finally here and we are already planning out our summer wardrobe! One of the most important key items to any Summer wardrobe is all the latest and greatest sandal styles! But, before you go out and splurge on the latest styles and hottest trends, there are a few things to consider. While being fashionable is always key, it’s also important to choose those that not only make a statement, but also provide you with comfort!

Understand your needs.


Are you looking for a professional and chic pair that you can wear from the office straight to happy hour, or are you more in need of a comfortable pair for low-maintenance, extended wear for your favorite outdoor activities? Know these answers before you shop to help eliminate impractical styles from the list.

Put comfort first.


All sandals are not created equal, so go with what feels best on your feet. If you have a less-than-desirable arch, for instance, wearing flat shoes for long periods of time could cause unnecessary back and leg pain. Another option for a casual-yet-comfortable look is to go with a pair of stylish wedges, instead. This season’s selections come in many trendy styles and materials – from canvas to leather – and their slight elevation could make a world of difference in terms of comfort.


Another comfort consideration is fit. Make sure that whichever pair you choose has a wide enough base to prevent unattractive toe or heel over-hang. Also consider whether you’ll be most comfortable in slides or with adjustable straps for a more perfect fit. Never choose a pair of sandals that make you feel like you’re sliding around in them with each step, no matter how cute they are. Remember that if you feel uncomfortable in them, you’ll look uncomfortable, too.

How high is too high?

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Just as flat sandals are considered more casual, wearing higher heels creates a more formal, polished look. Whether you’re pairing them with a sleek business suit by day or stepping out for a fun night on the town, choose a height that works best for you. For very formal occasions, choose a pair with thinner heels. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Know your personal style.


Whether your personal style is trendy, classic or somewhere in-between, there are many options for choosing the perfect sandals for you. While that pair of gladiator-style sandals might look fabulous on your favorite starlet, for example, or your BFF’s new leopard-print pair are to die for, be sure to consider your own personal style when choosing a pair for yourself. Like every other item in your wardrobe, your sandals should be a reflection of who you are if you want to feel at your best while wearing them. Just remember to be patient, shop around and you’re sure to find the perfect comfort, style and statement you’re looking for.

What summer sandal style do you love most?

How To: Plan A Frugal Wedding!

Currently, the average cost of a wedding is more than $20,000, making it one of the most expensive life events! In fact, it’s more expensive than the cost of most births! Talk about crazy! If you don’t have $20,000 to blow, don’t worry. You can still have a stylish, fun, memorable wedding, while saving money at the same time. On today’s blog we are going to give you our Top 5 ways on how you can do just that!

1. Avoid a HUGE guest list!


This is usually the number one costly thing many brides and grooms tend to spend the most money on. Although you might be tempted to throw everyone you know on your guest list, that isn’t always a great idea. With each addition you make, you’re adding additional costs while also making your wedding less intimate. Try your best to only invite those whom you are very close with. Avoid inviting any people who you do not know, or have never met. If you have a guest list of 200, start by whittling your list down by 20%, then another 20%. Then see if you’re happy with it.

2. Have your ceremony at home, or outdoors!


Renting a building or function hall for your ceremony and reception can be very expensive. Instead, consider using your own home for your ceremony, or perhaps a park with a beautiful view. You can also have your reception outdoors, creating a picture perfect, memorable ceremony while eliminating the cost of renting a venue. If you go with an outdoor ceremony, it’s best to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather. You don’t want to get married in a downpour that leaves all your friends and family soaked. That might mean renting a sturdy tent if rain is forecast. Even if that is the case, it still saves what could be a lot of money otherwise on a large venue!

3. Do the catering yourself, or hire a family-owned restaurant.


If you have a family member who happens to double as a chef, this would now be the time to ask for some assistance. Any help you can get with organizing appetizers and entrees, the better! This will drastically reduced the food costs for the ceremony. If this isn’t something you can do, look around your community for a family-owned restaurant and ask the owners directly to cater your wedding. Family-owned restaurants are always the first place to check! They will almost always go the extra mile to make your wedding special and are generally more understanding of your particular budget.

4. Make your own invitations.


With a quality home printer and some time, you can make very classy invitations on your own. With no pictures or anything – just a very classic font and simple text can make a beautiful invitation! If your not too good with creative project I suggest using sites like They offer cheap wedding invitations you can order from the comfort of your home. Their options aren’t fancy, but they will do the trick when your on a strict budget!

5. Buy dresses off the rack – and online!

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If you want to save on bridesmaid dresses, try to avoid ordering custom dresses altogether. Instead, head to a few stores with dresses on sale and see if you can all find something off the rack. This works best if your colors are chosen ahead of time and if the store you’re shopping at carries plenty of sizes. If you prefer online shopping from the comfort of your own home, head on over to We have many bridesmaid, mother of the bride and wedding gowns! Nothing is over $100!

Will you be using any of these tips on your upcoming wedding?

5 Things To Do The Summer Before You Go To College!

Now that you’ve danced the night away at prom and graduated high school, the college countdown is officially a go. Though you may be itching to pack up your bags and start a new life at your new school, there’s another thing you’ve been looking forward to… SUMMER!There is no denying that this summer will be very much different than any other! Once it is over you will offically be grown college student or full time worker! On today’s blog we will give you our top 5 MUST-DO’S on your very last summer!


1. Clean out your closet
Believe it or not, your high school wardrobe should be different from your college clothing. Besides the need for polished, internship-approved clothes and fun, going-out apparel, you’re itching to get rid of the mini skirt that was so freshman year. When’s a better time than before you head to college? Grab some of your girlfriends and raid your closet! You and your fashion-ista friends can decide which clothes you should keep, store, and donate!


2. Create your resume
Let’s be honest – when would you have needed a resume? If the Common Application didn’t require it, what was the point? Every college student needs a resume! But don’t stress out just yet- creating a resume is much easier than you’d think! If you wanting a jump start on buling your resume, do some community service or get a part-time summer job! Nothing will look better to future employers than an eager hard working young adult!


3. Frequent your favorite local restaurants
There WILL come a time when you’re at your school’s cafeteria and suddenly you will start to crave a certain special something from your town’s local food joint. So we say before you say good-bye to your preferred entrees and appetizers and hello to questionable dining hall food, head over to your favorite restaurants. Believe us when we say, you don’t know what your missing until it’s gone!

Portrait of mother and teen daughter at park

4. Spend time with your parents
Yes, we said it. Gone are the days when your dad dropped you off a block and a half away from school. Believe us, you’re going to miss your parents when you don’t see them everyday. Cherish the time you have left with your parents this summer by running errands with them or hitting the movies. You will apprechaite the little moments with mom and dad when your missing them from possible hundreds of miles away!


5.16. Go on a road trip with your friends
Though goodbyes can be rough, make the most out of the remaining months by going on a road trip with your friends. Whether you all pack into your parents’ minivan or splurge on an airplane ticket, the memories you create will bring all of you much closer and can even make you more motivated to keep in touch in college.

How many of you will be attending college this year? What do you think you will miss most about home?

Dressing For Graduation Night!

While graduating college is exciting and a relief in some ways, it can also be a scary time in a girl’s life. Sure, you won’t miss the stress of exams, papers, and their associated all-nighters, but leaving the home and friends you’ve grown to love over the past 4 or 5 years is certainly bittersweet. Commencement is the main event of the month, and you’ll want to make sure you look AND feel your best during this exciting time! Ever-Pretty is here to help! Keep reading for your grad day style tips!

Dress to impress!


It goes without saying, you WILL be taking dozens and dozens of photos! With that in mind, today is not the day to sleep in and forget to shower! Pick out something conservative but still sassy to wear. You’ll want to look like the mature adult you’re about to become, but still look great and age-appropriate. Take the extra time to straighten or curl your hair, throw on a little concealer, and put your best face forward. Trust me — you’ll be thankful you did once those photos hit Facebook! Find the featured dresses here at Ever-Pretty!

Plan what to wear under your robe.


Some people assume that what they wear on graduation doesn’t matter because it will be covered up by a bulky robe. I completely disagree — wearing something great underneath your robe is important for several reasons. First of all, you might not have time to change between the ceremony and dinner with your extended family, your best friend’s graduation rager, or your last night on the town with your best friends. You’ll want to have something on that’s cute and stylish so you can leave college with a bang.

Consider footwear.


The only part of your outfit that people will be able to see is your shoes, so wear a cute, somewhat dressy pair, and be sure to paint your toenails, too! Sexy, sky-high stilettos might be a little inappropriate, but the occasion calls for something fancier than a pair of sandals. I would recommend a nice pair of flats or wedges this way, you’ll look great but still be able to walk the long distance they’ll probably have you march. If Be sure to break in your shoes and practice walking in them before the date arrives! The last thing you’d want to do is fall down or be uncomfortable during Commencement!

Step up your makeup.


Now is definitely not the day to experiment with new looks, but it’s not a bad idea to wear eyeliner, mascara, blush, and lipstick if you’re comfortable with it. This way, you’ll look great in the far-away pictures your parents will take from the audience!

Hair! Hair! Hair!


Soft, wavy hair will look amazing flowing out from underneath that funny looking graduation cap, and a deep pink lip color will flatter any skin tone. Finish with simple jewelry — be careful with earrings due to your cap, but you can’t go wrong with an elegant cocktail ring. This quirky necklace can easily be tucked underneath your graduation robe during the ceremony, but whipped out during any funny photo opts that might happen.

Will you be graduating this year? If so, what are you most excited about for graduation?

How To Plan The Best Bridal Shower!

If you’re the maid of honor, the pressure is on! And that comes to no exception when planning an amazing Bridal Shower! So where, when and how do you even start planning one of these events you may ask? Well on today’s blog we will have the answer to all those questions! Stay tuned!


The guest list
The guest list generally includes people who have a close personal relationship with the bride. If the shower is women-only, it’s customary to invite the bride and groom’s mother, grandmothers, aunts, the bride’s closest friends, and, if the shower is a larger event, you may extend the invitation to a few work friends or girlfriends of the men involved in the wedding party. However, you should keep one very important rule in mind when planning the guest list for the bridal shower, DO NOT invite anyone who is NOT invited to the wedding. That would just be plain rude and awkward!


Bridal shower invitations
Bridal shower invitation trends are always changing! It’s become common to send an E-vite to friends where guests can RSVP, comment and ask the hosts questions all on one platform. Some people still prefer to mail out invitations, and are selecting ones that are both fun and cute! Remember to send out the invitations about a month before the bridal shower so people can mark the date in their calendars.


Choosing a bridal shower theme
Though traditional bridal shower themes like tea parties and paper bells are not totally obsolete, they are def becoming more uncommon. If themes are included, they often involve more personal subjects, like things the bride loves to do, for example shopping, reading or going to movies. Color themes have also become quite popular. Try classic white or bold fuchsia – tie the color into the invitations, decorations and flowers, and drinks and dessert. You can even ask the guests to incorporate the themed color into their wardrobe!


The bridal shower menu
Though there aren’t any specific food trends with this type of event, there are some classics that won’t disappoint. Cupcakes are always a huge hit, as is an ironic nod to the past with pretty, perfect sandwiches without the crust. It has become quite common to create a theme surrounding the food. For example, you might want to host a wine and cheese party featuring local wines and cheeses!


Bridal shower gifts
So what makes a great bridal shower gift? Try some of these idea’s!

Books relating to a hobby the couple has, like wine tasting, travel, music
Kitchenware for the couple who loves to cook
Camera for photography buffs
Experience gifts, such as a night at the ballet, dinner at a local restaurant or movie passes

If the couple is working on a renovation project, consider a gift card to Home Depot or Rona. Or, if they love a particular shop, purchase a gift card so they can pick out something they really need. Some no-fail options include: The Bay, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, CB2, West Elm, Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel.

Are you planning a bridal shower in the near future? What tip did you find most useful? Tell us in the comment section below!

How to Choose a Theme and Color Scheme for Your Wedding!

When it comes to planning a great wedding, having great theme and color is very crucial! If your in need of these two things, don’t worry! Choosing a wedding theme and colors doesn’t need to be difficult! On today’s blog we are here to give you some helpful tips and ideas when it comes to your very own theme.

Brainstorm As A Couple!

So where do you even start in this process? You can start by doing some major brainstorming. Here are some things to think about when trying to choose a theme:

Hobbies – The things you both like to do together as a couple
How you met – Consider how and where you met as a possible theme.
Favorite things you enjoy together – Sports and other activities you share.
Favorite piece of art, music, movie, food
Fashion sense


Think about all the things that you enjoy, things that are special to you, places that you’ve traveled or places where you would like to travel. Have fun exploring the many possibilities! Maybe even make a fun picnic out of it. You might want to take a couple of days and then go back and revisit your list and make a decision on what theme you like best.

Describe Your Theme

You should be able to articulate your theme by using a couple of nouns and several adjectives. This helps you and everyone assisting you plan your wedding and express your vision. Some themes can be rather complex and you want to be able to adequately communicate your vision in a way that all involved can understand. The description of your wedding theme should be an “aha” moment of instant understanding to anyone who hears it. Shabby Chic – rustic elegance, artfully reused, distressed vintage with a little glam, as an example.


Choosing Colors for Your Wedding


Finding the right color pallet for your day is important. If you have already settled on a theme you will find that certain themes lend themselves to certain colors. For example, for a beach theme you may want to use shades of aqua and sand or perhaps coral and white. You might want to consider having a primary color with a couple accent colors that have a more supporting role. Understanding how colors can work well together will help you put together the perfect color palette for your day.

Show Your True Colors!

Now that you’ve chosen a theme and colors for your wedding you can incorporate them in the various aspects and details of your wedding. Try to not go overboard with the theme. You want the theme to be a tasteful backdrop for your wedding, understated and classy not a gaudy circus atmosphere! Here are a few aspects where you might want to express your colors and theme:

Wedding cake
Place cards
Table Numbers
Pre-wedding parties


You’ll be able to get plenty of ideas from magazines and online resources once you have settled on a theme and the colors of your wedding. Have fun and enjoy the journey that is planning your dream wedding!

Do you have your wedding theme and colors already picked out? Tell us in the comment section below!

How to dress for success!

The way you present yourself through fashion at an interview can play a huge part in the first impression you give off. Knowing what to wear for a job interview is half the battle of the interview itself. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. On today’s blog we will give some tips on what we think are most important to dressing for success!


Research the company environment:

When first deciding what to wear for a job interview, you should first take into consideration the company environment you are interviewing with, and dress accordingly. This is a crucial tip to make sure it is never overlooked. Are you interviewing with a company where the employees wear suits everyday or do they wear t-shirts and jeans? A suit is not always the best choice for a job interview. If you show up wearing a suit and tie and all the employees are wearing shorts and flip-flops, you will look out of place and may give off the wrong energy. The same is true of the opposite.

Match the interviewer:


If you want to get the job, your choice of what to wear for a job interview should match or be slightly dressier than the dress code of the company. For example, if the normal work attire of the company is business casual, it’s ok to wear a suit to impress. If the normal work attire is casual, it’s ok to wear a business casual outfit to impress as well. After you decide whether a professional, business casual, or casual outfit is most appropriate for your interview, here are some guidelines you may want to follow when deciding what to wear for your job interview. The key is to wear clothing that you feel comfortable and look great in, while at the same time matching the corresponding dress code of the company. That way you’ll give off great energy and let your true personality shine through.

Present yourself neatly:


Make sure your clothes are clean and neatly ironed. Nothing gives away the lack of attention to detail more than wrinkled or dirty clothing. Select clothing that fits properly, as ill-fitting clothing can appear scruffy and you wearing clothes that fit will help you to feel comfortable and relax in your interview. Good grooming and hygiene is essential, so make sure you have clean hair, fingernails, fresh breath, deodorant, etc. Hair should be styled in a neat but manageable style, as the last thing you want to be doing during the interview is stressing about your fancy new up-do coming unpinned, however I recommend you keep it pulled back from your face. Men, if you have facial hair, be sure to give it a trim/comb through ahead of the interview, so that you look as neat and tidy as possible.

Avoid loud prints:


It’s good to show a bit of personality in your outfit choice, however it is best to stick to block colors, rather than loud, busy prints. Don’t be afraid of going for a slightly brighter shade, as it can help you to stand out and appear more confident. Try to find a balance between smart and stylish. Novelty ties and socks are best avoided. Yes, the interviewer will notice!

Accessories smartly:


You can inject a bit of personality into your outfit with the accessories that you select, so if you’d rather play it safe with your outfit choice, why not pair it with a nice bag or pair of shoes? Accessories should be kept smart, so if you are taking a bag with you, a smart satchel, briefcase or handbag would be the better option over a backpack. Shoes should be clean and new looking. Keep heels at a sensible height.

What tip did you find most useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

Do’s and Don’t’s Of Summer!

Ah, summertime. We can almost taste it! Is there anything more blissful? But with the changing seasons and the reappearance of bright sunshine, warm weather and dry conditions, there are some tweaks we need to make to our daily routine. And while they aren’t massive, they can ensure that you get through summer feeling healthy, happy and fashionable! On today’s blog we reveal our top 5 summer do’s and don’t’s

Do: Lather on the sunscreen
Even when it’s cloudy outside, it’s still possible for the sun to burn you. So during summertime (and in fact, all year round if you want to be pedantic), you should really integrate sunscreen into your daily beauty routine.
After your shower in the morning, mix your sunscreen with your regular moisturizer and apply to your entire body. If your facial skin is particularly sensitive, it’s worthwhile investing in a targeted facial sunscreen that is oil-free and doesn’t clog your pores.

Don’t: Over-consume alcohol/soda
Who doesn’t enjoy a cool cocktail on a balmy summer afternoon? But keep in mind that irrespective of how many Pina Coladas you consume, they’re not actually keeping you hydrated. In fact, they’re dehydrating you. During summertime it’s especially crucial to stay well hydrated. On non-exercise days, you should consume two liters of water. If you’re sweating or have exercised that day, try to drink another liter. The best liquid to keep you hydrated is, and probably always will be, water. If you’re not a fan of drinking plain water, add a splice of lemon or lime. Lemon will help detoxify and alkalize the body, so it’s a good hydrating double act.

Do: Bandeaus Instead Of Bras
Buy a drawer full of bandeaus. These are wonderful alternatives to the bra. Not only are these comfortable but they def help you stay cooler than a tight restricting bra! They can bring a wonderful pattern to any look and are fantastic as a peek-a-boo with an oversized white cotton button down boyfriend shirt. Do not show old bra straps sticking out of tank tops, etc.

Don’t: Over-exercise
Even if you’re the most experienced runner, boxer, or walker attempting to complete your regular workout during hot weather can be a recipe for disaster. To decrease your risk of suffering from heat exhaustion, try to exercise first thing in the morning, or early in the evening when the temperature is at it’s coolest. If you can’t avoid a midday run, make sure you keep your water on hand!

Do: Spend Money On One Pair
Do not spend money on a lot of different shades. Instead, find one pair that can do everything! I think it’s really important that you invest in a good pair of sunglasses that you can wear everyday. So make sure you find something to translate seasonally.

What summer do’s and don’t’s do you think you will use most this upcoming summer?

How To: Attend A Wedding On A Budget!

With the start of summer just around the corner, we are about to begin my favorite time of the year..Summer Weddings! As much as I love a good wedding (ok maybe I favor the cake too much), I also know that this time of year can be overwhelming both socially and financially. So we thought that on today’s blog we would share a few tips on how you can attend a friend’s wedding without breaking the bank!

What to Wear.
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For many of us, the thrill of receiving a wedding invitation is quickly followed by the thought of what to wear. And, given that weddings have gone from one-night parties to weekends of events, the pressure is on. Whether you have one wedding this season or ten, you are going to need multiple outfits. When it comes to looking like a million bucks but only spending $100, Ever-Pretty is your one stop shop! Ever-Pretty is all about looking fabulous but not having to go bankrupt! Nothing is prices over $100! What more could you want?

These days, the cost of attending a wedding can be super costly! Especially when the weekend of events begins as early as a Thursday. Three nights of hotel stay plus travel fares can add up quickly. To save and have fun, make a girls weekend of it. Even if you were invited to the event with a plus one, there is no obligation to bring someone, so why not shack up with your friends and relive spring break? You can also save up by turning your friend’s wedding weekend into that vacation you’ve been wanting to take by adding on a few extra days. Think of it as two trips for the price of one.

The Gift.
Buying a wedding gift is like shopping a sale: You want to get there early, before the good stuff is gone (the good stuff in the land of wedding registries is the affordable stuff). If nothing falls within your budget or if you waited too long, then pool together with friends or another couple to help split the cost. Also, if you were invited to the wedding of a couple that you are close friends with, opt for something personal and thoughtful. Nothing is better than a simple gift that shows how much you care!

At the end of the day, what matters most in a wedding is that this couple has found their own happily ever after. With that in mind, whether you are invited to more than one wedding this summer or whether you are attending an incredibly expensive extravaganza, figure out what works for you. Maybe you can’t afford five nights visiting the Southern Californian coast. Perhaps spending one night in a hotel is easier on your wallet. There is nothing wrong with just attending the ceremony and wedding night. If you can’t make the wedding at all, decline with a hand-written note and something sentimental, like a framed photo of the two of you or a gift of his and hers favorite candy. Your friend will understand you want to be there and would be if you could.

Which one of these budget friendly tips did you find most helpful? Tell us in the comment section below!

Swimsuit Guide For Every Body Type!

Everyone brace yourselves! Swimsuit season is here! *Screams* We know, we know. We’ve been putting off this shopping trip too. Well, today we are here to make this a little easier for you. One of the hardest things about this dilemma (besides trying to get into bikini shape) is trying to find a suit that is perfect just for your body type! Sometime’s it seems like nothing looks good and your not sure where to even begin! If your one of those people, then you’ll want to keep reading for all our tips on how to dress your bod in the perfect swimsuit!

Small Chest:


If you’re a member of the itty bitty titty committee, finding a suit that flatters your bust can be a challenge. The best bet for a gal with smaller boobs is to go for a top with embellishments or ruffles to give the illusion of a larger chest. Alternatively, a suit with padding can help to give you a little something extra.

Large Chest:


For the girls with big girls, string bikinis are not your friend, nor are bathing suit tops that come in size S, M and L. Cup sizes and underwire will offer you the support you need so your boobs won’t be all over the place when you take a dip. Also look for thicker bathing suit straps and double-stitched bands for the most flattering results.

Broad Shoulders:


There are a few things you can do to balance out your body when you have a set of broad shoulders. First, opt for a solid colored suit with printed panels along the side. This will help create the look of an hourglass figure, thus evening out a boxy upper body. You can also rock an asymmetrical neckline, which will draw the eye up and away, instead of straight across.

Flat Booty:


This is another time when frills and ruching come in handy. These give the illusion of a bigger bottom. Opt for bottoms in bright colors and loud prints to try and distract from a flatter backside. Also, showing a little cheek is prefered to full-coverage bottoms.

Bigger Booty:


If you’ve got a bigger backside, string bikinis and high-cut swimsuits can often be uncomfortable and a bit too revealing. You’ll need a suit with enough fabric in that area so you’re not constantly tugging for more coverage. So beyond avoiding skimpy cut swimsuits, you should look for designs with solid bottoms and printed tops.

Athletic Body:


The goal here is to give the illusion of more curves! Which is easily done with a top with cups, padding and gathering, and by picking girlie prints and bright colors. Don’t go for straight-across bandeaus, boy-cut briefs or shapeless full-pieces, as this will only enhance your athletic figure.

Love Handles:


Oh, how we love our Love Handles.. (said no one ever!) But fighting the bulge is easier than you think. A high-waisted bottom works wonders — just make sure it extends above your belly button to prevent a muffin top.

Short Torso:


The trick to elongating a short torso is adding length and lifting the bustline. Low-rise bottoms make your torso appear longer and halter straps draw attention to your neck and shoulders, making people skim over your short mid-section.

Short Legs:


If you want to elongate shorter legs, go for suits with high cuts in the leg. Since you are showing more skin, it will make your legs appear much longer. It’s all about the illusion of the cut!

Have you gone bathing suit shopping yet? Tell us in the comment section below!