Pick the Perfect Dress for Summer Weddings

Summer is here and wedding season is in full swing. With so many gorgeous summer weddings to attend, choosing a dress might get a little confusing. There’s no need to worry, because Ever-Pretty is here to help you choose the perfect dresses for summer weddings. From stunning printed dresses to unique hi-lo dresses, you are sure to find your dream dress amongst the many options at Ever-Pretty. Choose amongst four hundred different styles until you find the right match for an evening of dancing and celebrating. With so many search options, you can easily search for the dress you have in mind by neckline, color, hemline or occasion. If you have your heart set on printed dresses, you can customize your Ever-Pretty search to result in exactly what you have in mind. From laid-back outdoor weddings to formal black-tie events, your wardrobe will be summer wedding ready in no time with the help of Ever-Pretty.

Round Neckline Bow Floral Printed Padded Short Casual DressSexy Double V-neck Chiffon Floral Printed Evening Dress

Printed dresses are a fun and vibrant choice that will certainly make a statement. Floral prints are an excellent choice for summer weddings because they reflect the fresh and romantic vibe of the season. For a relaxed and casual garden wedding, opt for a light knee-length floral print dress like the Round Neckline Bow Floral Printed Padded Short Casual Dress. This fresh and flirty dress is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Wear your hair in a playful ponytail or a loose bun for a cute and comfortable style that will stay put as you dance the night away. For a more formal wedding, choose a floor-length floral print that will inspire a few double takes as you walk into the event. The Sexy Double V-neck Chiffon Floral Printed Evening Dress is a gorgeous choice for a formal summer wedding in a ballroom or banquet hall. The black contrasts with the pretty floral print for an elegant and classic look. Wearing your hair in loose effortless waves and trying a deep rose lipstick will be a great match for this dreamy dress.

Pink Adjustable Halter Ruffles Chiffon Long Evening DressYou will definitely be the best-dressed guest if you choose the unique look of a hi-lo dress. If you can’t choose between a long evening gown and a knee-length dress, why not opt for the best of both worlds? Hi-lo dresses are fun and unique for summer weddings. Pick a hi-lo dress with a pop of color that will embrace the fun of summer. The Pink Adjustable Halter Ruffles Chiffon Long Evening Dress is a stylish choice for summer nuptials.

Preparing for a Summer Cruise

Are you counting down the days until a well-deserved summer cruise? A relaxing break at sea definitely calls for a helping hand from Ever-Pretty. Pack and prepare to step aboard the cruise ship in style with our collection of stylish and comfortable resort dresses. With so many options to choose from, you may have to over-pack just a tad to make sure you show off your resort favorites while enjoying a little rest and relaxation. From printed resort dresses to maxi dresses in vibrant summer tones, you will have everyone in the cruise ship asking you about your gorgeous resort wear. Resort dresses not only look good, but they are also a comfortable and effortless option for your vacation. With Ever-Pretty’s stylish array of maxi dresses, you’ll have your cruise style covered. To help make sure you pack all of the essentials, Ever-Pretty has put together a few tips on what to pack for your exciting cruise ship adventure.

Orange Floral Printed Round Neck Calf-length Casual DressA summer cruise definitely has resort dress written all over it. Choose from Every-Pretty’s collection of printed resort dresses for a comfortable and stylish pick that screams summer. The beauty of resort dresses is that you can take the stylish and flowy dresses from day to night with just a few additions. You can look fabulous while poolside in one of our resort dresses as well as attend an evening show later on in the evening. For a fun floral print while you’re on the cruise, choose a resort dress like the Orange Floral Printed Round Neck Calf-length Casual Dress. You can easily wear this dress all day from daytime events to nighttime fun by switching from flip-flips to your favorite high heel sandals.

After you’ve picked some of your favorite resort dresses, protecting your skin is next in line. Make sure your bag is fully equipped with SPF. Protecting your skin against harsh UV rays is the biggest and best beauty secret that will keep your skin looking great! Now that we’re on the topic of sun rays, follow the SPF with a stylish pair of shades and a big floppy summer hat.

Sexy V-neck Ruffles Black Stretchy NWT Mini Cocktail DressReading material is also a must when it comes to packing for your cruise. Whether you’re working on finishing a novel you’re hooked on or prefer fashion magazines, throw in some reading material for your days by the pool.

Lastly, keep a couple of party dress in your bag for fancy dinners, celebrations and impromptu parties on the cruise ship. Prepare for any event that may arise with a little black dress like Ever-Pretty’s Sexy V-neck Ruffles Black Stretchy NWT Mini Cocktail Dress.

The Wedding Party – Revisited!

We had a lot of fun with our Wedding Party Infographic and seeing as wedding season is now in full swing – we’re back for more! Here at Ever-Pretty, we know that although planning your wedding is said to be one of the most exciting times in your life, preparing for the big day can definitely get really stressful at times. With so many traditions and elements including choosing bridesmaids dresses, junior bridesmaids dresses and to mother of the bride and groom dresses, things can get a little crazy, to say the least! In order to make your life a little bit easier and lighten your bride-to-be load, we’ve put together some tips regarding your bridal party. Sit back and relax because you and your bridal party can lean on us to make the road to tying the knot a lot less bumpy. With a little help from Ever-Pretty, you can make sure your nearest and dearest know what to do and what to wear on your special day!

Attention Maids of Honor – As the bride’s closest confidant, the maid of honor has many vital responsibilities. Amongst many important jobs, it is crucial for the maid of honor to stand by the bride’s side during the wedding planning process. It’s traditionally amongst the list of responsibilities to host or help host the bridal shower and bachelorette party along with the bridesmaids. Purple Flowers One Shoulder Chiffon Padded Evening DressThe maid of honor should be there for fashion advice while dress shopping for herself and her bridal party! In addition to signing the marriage license and giving a noteworthy toast at the reception, the maid of honor’s most important job is to keep the bride calm and collected during her special day to make sure she enjoys every minute of her wedding.

When it comes to what the maid of honor should wear, the dress should not be too different from the bridesmaids, but it’s always nice to distinguish her as extra-special! Her dress should be similar to the bridesmaid dresses with a little twist. Have the maid of honor stand out with an added embellishment or accessory. The maid of honor could also choose a dress in the same color as the bridesmaid with a unique detail like a one-shoulder neckline or rhinestone details like the Purple Flowers One Shoulder Chiffon Padded Evening Dress.

Cue in the Best Man - As the groom’s best friend and the person that knows him best, the best man’s role is to be there for the groom during the big day and make sure he always has something to laugh about and nothing to worry about. The best man should offer and be available to help the groom during any pre-wedding duties including choosing tuxedos for the groomsmen, visiting venues or meeting with vendors. The most exciting job for the best man is planning a bachelor party with the other groomsmen that the groom will never forget. He is also expected to deliver a special toast at the reception and sign the marriage license as a witness. The best man should match the groomsmen by wearing the same suit or tuxedo, but can distinguish himself with a slightly different bow tie, tie or pocket square.

Enter Bridesmaids - Brides-to-be choose their closest girls to stand by their side during their special day as bridesmaids. These special girls in your life are there to help you with any pre-wedding duties, help plan an exciting bachelorette party, and be there to support you and make sure everyone is having a great time. The bridesmaids are typically seated at the bridal party table and announced as they walk in to the reception before the maid of honor and best man. For bridesmaid dresses, it’s best to purchase the dresses four to six months before the big day. Choose a dress in a color and print you love while making sure your pick doesn’t upstage the most important dress of the evening. If you’re having problems finding a style that everyone likes, formal maxi dresses are a great pick and flattering for all body-types.

And don’t forget junior bridesmaids dresses! If you have younger bridesmaids and you can’t find age-appropriate dresses in the same color as your older bridesmaids, avoid trying to find the nearest shade and risking a mismatch in the wedding party. Instead have your junior bridesmaids in a secondary complementary color.

It’s Your Turn, Groomsmen – The boys of the party definitely have many responsibilities on the big day. It’s their job to help the best man plan the bachelor party and offer to help the groom with any pre-wedding tasks. They are announced at the reception and seated along with the bridesmaids at the bridal party table. The groomsmen must keep their spirits and energy high at the reception to set the tone for an exciting night of dancing and celebrating. It’s best to get together to rent suits or tuxedos for the groomsmen four to six months before “I do.”

Pint-Sized Party Members - The tiniest members of the bridal party, the flower girl and ring boy, also have a few tasks to take care of. The ring boy is in charge of carrying your rings on a pillow down to the altar. Try to choose a little boy who is between the ages of four and eight for this important job. You can choose for your ring boy to wear a formal tuxedo or a more casual suit for the special day. Flower girls have the job of walking before the bride and offering a cute introduction by laying flowers in the pathway before she walks down the aisle. For a flower girl dress, a white dress that is floor length or tea length is a great choice. You can add a little flair with a flower crown or headband that matches her flower basket.

Parental Responsibilities - As their children get ready to take the next big step in life, the parents of the bride and groom have their share of roles and responsibilities on the big day. The father of the groom is traditionally meant to walk his daughter down the aisle and share a sweet father-daughter dance with the bride. When helping them choose their dress or suit, it is important for the parents to make sure they don’t clash with the bridal party or each other. But tread carefully! Mother of the bride and groom dresses are super important to the proud moms!

A great choice for the mother-of-the bride is an elegant gown that is in good taste like the Elegant Strapless Ruched Bust Long Women Purple Evening Dress.

Elegant Strapless Ruched Bust Long Women Purple Evening DressNWT One Shoulder Blue Bow Satin Ruffles Evening Dress

The parents of the groom are traditionally expected to plan and pay for the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding. The mother and father of the groom will walk down the aisle during the ceremony after both sets of grandparents. The mother of the groom will also share a special dance with her son at the reception. A great mother of the groom dress option is a gorgeous and sophisticated dress like the NWT One Shoulder Blue Bow Satin Ruffles Evening Dress that doesn’t clash with the mother of the bride’s dress.

Experiments with Essie Magnetic Nail Polish by Amber

Every month I get a box of goodies from Social Bliss in the form of their #StyleBox. (Check them out here.)

One of the goodies this month was Essie’s Sssssexy Magnetic Nail Polish which I was super excited to try. This collection by Essie comes with a custom magnetic cap that when held over the wet nail polish creates a sexy snakeskin design across the surface of your nails. This sounded like a fun way to get a creative nail design without needing many special tools or elaborate art skills.

The way it’s supposed to work is this:

Step 1- Prep the nails like your normally would and apply base coat.

Step 2- Apply one coat of Essie Sssssexy Nail Polish to each nail and let dry completely.

Step 3- Apply the second coat and hover the magnetic cap as close to the nail as you can without touching it for about 5 seconds for the pattern to develop.

Step 4- Lift away the magnetic and repeat this process for each nail, one nail at a time.

Step 5- Let dry completely and apply top coat.

Seems pretty simple right? It is but there are definitely some hiccups.

For one thing, holding the magnet as close to your wet nail as possible without touching the actual polish is much easier said than done, I tapped a few of my nails with the magnet attempting to do this. This will definitely take quite a bit of practice.

Second, while my left hand came out fairly well for a first attempt at this, the pattern just would not form on my right hand on any of the nails. Originally I thought that I just didn’t have enough polish on so I applied a heavy third coat hoping with more material something would develop but to no avail. So I gave up and unfortunately only currently have pattern on one hand.

I didn’t think to visit Essie’s website for helpful tips and tricks until after the fact so now that I’ve checked that out I may have to try again sooner. One thing that I think may have made my pattern not so defined was that I perhaps did not shake the nail polish bottle as vigorously as I could, nor did I shake it every time between nails. Because the iron filaments that cause the magnet to make the pattern are heavy and sink to the bottom of the polish bottle you need to shake the product up quite a bit. That will be the first thing I do when I try again but I also wanted to see if you, our wise readers, have tried this trend and have any helpful tips you can share. Please tell us in the comments if you’ve tried this trend and how it has worked for you!

Regardless of the pattern though, I do love the Sssssexy color and will gladly sport it even without the snakeskin pattern as it comes out a gorgeous oxblood color.

The patter is a little hard to capture on camera but I tried my best. I'm a little embarrassed to admit the is the first manicure #selfie I've ever taken.

The pattern is a little hard to capture on camera but I tried my best. I’m a little embarrassed to admit the is the first manicure #selfie I’ve ever taken.

How to Wear Pantone’s Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid!

Every year, Pantone sets the tone for fashion by announcing the color of the year. This year, dresses took a vibrant turn when Radiant Orchid was declared the color to look out for. You can lean on Ever-Pretty to help you dress the part and stay on trend by choosing amongst many of our gorgeous purple pieces. With a variety of stylish and stunning purple dresses from evening gowns to party dresses, you will certainly be reflecting the color of the year in style. Make a vibrant entrance to any special event by choosing an evening gown or party dress amongst our collection of fashionable purple dresses.

Falbala One Shoulder Purple Rhinestones Bridesmaid DressOne Shoulder Flowers Purple Padded Ruffles Bridesmaid Dress

For all brides-to-be that are planning their special day, the color of the year is a stylish choice for bridal parties. Purple is a gorgeous pick that will suit almost any bridesmaid’s coloring. For a long and elegant bridesmaid dress, we think the Falbala One Shoulder Purple Rhinestones Bridesmaid Dress is an excellent option for the big day. The rhinestone detail and soft ruffles truly make this dress unique and stylish. Your bridesmaids will look amazing as they stand next to you in the color of the year. For brides that are looking for something short and flirty for their bridesmaids, the One Shoulder Flowers Purple Padded Ruffles Bridesmaid Dress is a lovely dress that will be a popular pick for your bridal party.

Sexy V-neck Purple Ruffles Button BNWT Cocktail DressIf you’re looking forward to attending a summer wedding, why not make an entrance with the color of the year? Opt for a purple dress that will truly stand out as you celebrate the happy couple and dance the night away. Turn up the heat in a dress with a plunging neckline like the Sexy V-neck Purple Ruffles Button BNWT Cocktail Dress. The ruching and button detail add a unique touch to this elegant and sexy dress. Make the color of the year stand out even more with deep red lipstick. Wear your hair in loose waves and put on your favorite evening sandals in silver or nude for an effortless and flirty look. Use the color of the year for your outfit of the year!

Fashion – The Mirror Of History [Infographic]

Fashion - The Mirror of History | Ever-Pretty Infographic

Define Your Signature Style

You know what styles you like and you usually find yourself gravitating towards a specific look, but have you defined your signature style? Would you describe your style as classic and timeless or do you prefer a romantic and super feminine look most of the time? If you would never choose pastels, maybe you would identify more with an edgy style. If matching is never a priority, you could define your unique look as eclectic. Ever-Pretty has come up with a list of signature styles to help you find out how the things you like and dislike define your signature look.

Classic Beauty – If you find yourself constantly channeling classic style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, you can describe your signature look to be classic and timeless. Fleeting fads and trends of the moment are not your main priority, and a little black sheath dress like the Ever Pretty Lace Cap Sleeve Retro Sheath Dress is probably your go-to piece to wear no matter where you’re headed.

Ever Pretty Lace Cap Sleeve Retro Sheath DressStrapless Polka Dots Printed Bow Diamante Green Cocktail Dress

Eclectic Style – Matching has never really been your cup of tea. You love daring prints and patterns that make sure you stand out and make a statement. If you have never been a fan of clean and simple designs, and are always looking for a fun and different design, then your signature style is definitely eclectic! If you’re signature style is eclectic, then you’re sure to love the vibrant and unique look of the Strapless Polka Dots Printed Bow Diamante Green Cocktail Dress as one of your top picks – for the moment anyway!

Dressing on the Edge – If you gravitate towards an edgy look, black and red tend to be your shades of choice. Asymmetrical necklines and hi-low dresses are amongst your favorite styles and details that push the boundaries a bit are always welcome. If your style can be defined as edgy, you’re sure to love the Strapless Ruched Waist Fringe Sequined Little Black Dress.

Strapless Ruched Waist Fringe Sequined Little Black DressLight Purple Flowers Strapless Chiffon Padded Cocktail Dress

Feminine and Fabulous – For the proud girly girls who can never get enough of pastels, floral prints and ruffles, feminine is definitely your signature look. You love everything lovely and fresh and always opt for a sweet look on special occasions. If your style is feminine and fabulous, the Light Purple Flowers Strapless Chiffon Padded Cocktail Dress is your perfect match!

Pattern Play for the Summer

Mixing prints is the new black and Ever-Pretty is here to tell you that contrasting patterns are perfectly okay. In fact, we’re encouraging you to flex your fashion muscles and have a little fun with “mismatched” prints and patterns. Solids on solids are a thing of the past. Animal prints and horizontal stripes are meant to be friends and you never know the creative combinations you can come up with when you experiment with some of your favorite prints and patterns. We know this can sound a little off-putting at first, especially if you’ve become a seasoned professional in the matching game. Don’t worry too much because mixing and matching prints and patterns is meant to be fun and reflective of your unique style. Did you ever think of wearing your plaid blouse with a floral print skirt? Well, now here’s your chance to introduce some of your prized printed pieces. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that some of your prints were actually meant to cross paths. If you’re a little hesitant on pairing some of your printed separates, you can start with Ever-Pretty dresses who have done the work for you. Look through our list of dresses that fuse together patterns and pick a favorite for your next occasion.

New White Black Fab Strapless Cocktail DressFloral print meets polka dots in our New White Black Fab Strapless Cocktail Dress! The two prints are a match made in heaven. This unique dress is a fun way to get used to mixing and matching different prints. You’re sure to make heads turn in this gorgeous dress. The alluring tulle peeking out beneath the dress adds even more detail to this cocktail dress. It’s glamorous in every way! Wear this feminine and sexy dress to your next cocktail party and you’ll undoubtedly be the center of attention. You can balance out the contrasting print with a black evening clutch and black peep toe pumps. Make sure the fun patterns stand out by keeping your makeup minimal. Try to avoid bold lipstick or nail color so you don’t make the unique look appear to be too busy or distracting.

Sexy V-neck Blue Animal Printed Spaghetti Straps Casual DressThe Sexy V-neck Blue Animal Printed Spaghetti Straps Casual Dress fuses together leopard print with zebra stripes. Mixing animal prints is a great way to experiment with different patterns. Both prints perfectly combine to create this gorgeous casual dress you can wear to the beach or on a warm summer day out on the town. The bright pink and blue colors create even more of a contrast for a truly unique look that will definitely make a statement. You can easily take this dress from day to night by switching from comfortable sandals to a pair of high-heeled pumps for a casual evening out.

Prepare for Summer Vacation

Get ready to pack your bags because summer vacations are right around the corner. Whether you’re staying local and counting down the days until your weekend getaway or preparing your passport for a longer break from busy days at work, summer getaways are always exciting. Packing for the resort can often be a major task that may seem confusing and difficult. You have the sunscreen packed, your hats and sunglasses are ready to go, but you’re stuck on which dresses your vacation calls for. Ever-Pretty has a few tips on how to make the perfect style choices for your laid back vacation days. Even though you’ll be away from home, it’s crucial that you stay prepared for any event that may come your way on vacation. Keep up your fashionable appearance even when you’re on vacation by checking out our top picks for vacation attire. From destination weddings, cocktail dresses for nights out on the town, and laid back beach dresses, we’ve got your resort dresses covered this season.

Pick a print for a fun and vibrant summer look you can wear near the pool, on the beach or around town to sightsee. No matter where you’re going, a unique print on a stylish summer dress is the way to go while you enjoy some much needed R & R. Enjoy the carefree vibe and gorgeous look of the NWT Sexy Ladies Summer Long Maxi Dress. We think this summer dress is the ideal pick for the resort or even a local stay-cation. No matter where you’re going, you will make heads turn with this gorgeous maxi dress.

NWT Sexy Ladies Summer Long Maxi Dress

For exciting nights out when you’re on vacation, make sure to pack the perfect summer cocktail dress. Whether you’re enjoying a luau or having a cocktail at the hotel bar, you’ll need the perfect cocktail dress with a carefree vibe that fits your vacation. The Flower Blues Falbala Floral Printed High Low Cocktail Dress says resortwear all over it. The sweetheart neckline and fresh tone of the dress are ideal for summer nights. Wear your hair in loose effortless waves to complete the relaxed and romantic look for a fun night out.

Flower Blues Falbala Floral Printed High Low Cocktail Dress

If you’re invited to a destination wedding, don’t forget to pack a perfect summer evening dress along with your casual summer dresses. With destination weddings, you have the option of choosing a long evening gown or a shorter dress. Opt for soft colors and fresh prints to fit the fresh feel of a destination wedding. A dress like the Strapless Printed Chiffon Ruffles Rhinestones Evening Dress will make sure you are wedding ready even when you’re away.

Strapless Printed Chiffon Ruffles Rhinestones Evening Dress