How To Style: Easter Sunday!

One holiday that we love to dress up for is Easter Sunday! This time of year brings out bright shades of colors like pink, yellow, purple and green! Plus, Easter is the only time of year where you can wear all these colors at once and not look like you came from year 1985! On today’s blog we are going to give you some Easter style tips to make sure you are pretty in pastel from head to toe!



Keep make-up for this special celebration simple but creative and bright. Color trends include pastels and naturals such as purple, pink, yellow and blue.Your best bet would be to stick with simple pastel eye-shadow and a dash of pink lip gloss. When it comes to your pout lip gloss is better than lipstick for this season as it is more subtle and will give your complexion a natural look. For some depth; add a hint of blush, it will shape your face and give you a rosy look. 



Easter hair styles are typically very pretty and perfectly groomed. Buns, flowers and bows are all frequently seen during this time of year. Natural looks are just as good as prim and proper hair dos. Just make sure your hair is clean and brushed properly. Don’t forget to accessorize your tresses! Try pieces such as bows, headbands and colorful floral clips. This will add a little dazzle to your spring ready look! 

What To Wear?


Simple V-neck flowing dresses are perfect for showing off your curves during Easter time. Ideally they should be either floral or pastel prints and light in fabric. This will keep your style alive and in keeping with the light and bright season of Easter. Match this outfit with a bright pair of peep toe heels or sandals and accessorise with colourful jewellery and bags. Why not add a nice tailored blazer or cardigan for that extra pop of color? This will not only keep you a bit warmer on chilly spring days but will enhance your outfit style by creating volume with layers. You can find the featured dress here! Save 15% off your ENTIRE order now at Ever-Pretty with coupon code EAS32105.



Peep-toes, sandals and heeled pumps are favorites for this time of year. Flat sandals will give an outfit a natural and classic look while heels will add a more poised and confident boost. And don’t worry shoes this season are suppose  to be accessorized with bows and flowers however, do not overdo it! Too much detail can look overwhelming and can stray away from the softer Easter colors.

What will you be wearing for Easter Sunday? Tell us in the comment section below!

#WeddingWednesday: How to style Marsala!

On today’s #WeddingWednesday blog we are all about color! We will be discussing the color of the year… Marsala! This color is so popular in brides and bridesmaid’s dresses this year that it seems to be in every bridal magazine you can find!  There are so many different variations of this shade that it can seem impossible on deciding how to choose and style it. Don’t let that scare you! That is what we are here for! Continue reading to find out how you can dazzle in this year’s hottest color! —>


Let’s start with what shade is best for you! When it comes to Marsala there are many options to choose from. Choose shades that will best go with you skin complexion. You want a shade that will stand out but not wash you out!

Fair Skin Tone?


Try sticking with shades deep plum, berry, wine reds.


Medium/ Olive Skin Tone?

3Stick with shades like rich deep brown reds, and dark berry shades.                                 Avoid any pink tones.


Dark Skin Tone?

2Mahogany, deep browns and dark berry colors.




When it comes to wearing a dark and daring colors like Marsala we say to stick with a neutral footwear color. Try colors like nude, taupe or beige. These neutral colors will help to keep the eye on the main focal point… YOUR dress! Avoid wearing strong colors like reds and pinks. These types of colors will only take away from your beautiful colored dress!



When choosing accessories it can definitely be a difficult task. We say to stick to simple and minimal accessories. Avoid anything too flashy or fancy. Like we said before, you want the main focal point to be all about your dress. Keep with simple bracelets and necklaces in either gold or rose gold. These will add a dash of sophistication, but not overshadow your dress.


PicMonkey CollageWhen you’re a bridesmaid or maid of honor, the last thing you want to worry about it what purse to choose to lug around all day. We say ditch the purse and grab a beige, nude or cream colored clutch instead! These colors look amazing with Marsala and are perfect for carrying around your small nic-nacks. Find these clutches here at Ever-Pretty! ALL clutches are now going for $4! Don’t miss out on this deal!

Where to find Marsala?


Convinced that Marsala is the color for you or your bridesmaids? Shop Ever-Pretty for many different shades and styles of this year’s hottest color! All orders receive FREE shipping for $50+


What do you love best about Marsala? Do you agree that it should have been chosen for color of the year? Tell us in the comment section below!

Spring Break Essentials!

Spring break is here! While you’ve probably thought through most of your packing for your trip, it’s also a good idea to consider what you might need in your beach bag once you’re sand-side. In addition to your cell phone and fav books there’s some gear that will definitely make your trip that much better. So, stock up, head up, and enjoy! roxy-beach-bags-roxy-biboploula-beach-bag-true-blackTote your beach essentials in a bag that can stand some wear and tear. This large carry all has inside pockets to keep small essentials safe! Our tip for these is to make sure the straps are soft and comfortable enough to rest on your shoulder with the all the weight of your essentials! No one wants sore shoulders! 

gladice-towelYou can’t leave home without this one! Place a large blanket down under your towels and chairs to make your beach real estate that much cozier. This one is colorful, 100% cotton, and big enough to fit you and a few friends. 


We don’t know about you but we are sick of coming home with a nasty sunburn! Even after applying layers and layers of sunscreen! That’s exactly why are in love with Neutrogena’s new Wet Skin sunscreen! This new sunscreen is fast-absorbing spray that’s oil-free and water resistant. What more could you need?

pomegranateI can go on and on about my love for EOS! I have collected just about every single pod these days. Let me tell you not only do these babies smell AMAZING but they are enriched with natural conditioning oils, moisturizing shea butter and antioxidant vitamins C & E! If your looking to keep your lips moisturized in the hot summer heat, EOS will not let you down! 

beach-bag-08Let’s face it, the beach isn’t always the cleanest place and you won’t necessarily have access to a sink to wash up before getting your hands on those s’mores. This beach-scented sanitizer won’t leave your hands wreaking of rubbing alcohol.

ladiesSemifino_beach_1311371545 There always seems to be one area of skin that people forget to protect during the hot spring/summer months…YOUR SCALP! I will admit even I do from time to time! Make sure to pack up your cutest wide brimmed fedora on your next beach trip. Not only are these hats super cute but they will protect you from those big bad UV rays!

refurb-2012-ipodtouch-product-pinkDon’t forget the tunes when your hitting up the beach! Weather you use some earbuds to zone out to or blast them over your wireless speakers,you wont want to forget your favorite lounging tunes! Need a playlist recommendation? Try an oldie but a goody “Surfin USA” by the Beach Boys!



Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. We cant stress how important this is! Make sure that when your at the beach this Spring to bring multiple bottles of water! We found this cool water bottle on eBay! It’s a neat plastic bottle with a secret storage compartment! This is the perfect bottle to keep you hydrated and hold your small nick-nacks all at once!

What are your Spring Break plans? Tell us in the comment section below!

The Style Evolution Of: Hilary Duff

Growing up as a kid in the early 2000′s was such a great time! I can remember staying up until 10:00 on Friday’s just to watch the brand new Disney Channel original movies! Most of the times the movie’s included one of my favorite teen stars, Hilary Duff (a.k.a Lizzie McGuire as she was mostly know for!) Through the year’s I followed Hilary from her music and movies to her amazing fashion sense. On today’s blog we will go back in time and visit some of Hilary’s amazing (and.. ok not-so-amazing) fashion looks! HEY it was the early 2000′s! Mostly ALL of us girls looked like that!


Do you think Hilary would let Miley borrow this for her “Party in the USA” video? Sure it was 2001, but we just have to laugh at Hilary’s “proud to be a goth American” look. Those red pants, Americana tee, and cowboy belt buckle all look like they belong as part of separate outfits. We all go through an awkward phase! Hilary just went through it in front of millions of people!


Hilary moved on from an American-influenced to an Asian-influenced look by styling a kimono and chopsticks on the Nickelodeon orange carpet in 2002. I can remember seeing this look in magazines and wishing I had that same outfit (although now I am not too sure why!) Either way I still think Hil looked super adorable!

54ee36a05698e_-_3hduff-58815079-lgnHilary stole out hearts from the very beginning. And with this “queen of hearts” applique shirt we aren’t too sure why this look was ever popular! I know I too had a very similar shirt back then. As we said before, it was the early 2000′s what else would you expect?!

54ee36a0c536e_-_4hduff-71645426-lgnWith pointed heels and a sparkly gold clutch, Hilary was really starting to grow up in 2004! Bubble gum pink and shiny gold isn’t our fave color combo, but it’s a step in the right direction. She wears just enough pink and bedazzle to look more like a Barbie than a tapered adult.

54ee36a133f33_-_5hduff-92467882-lgnShe might have gotten tangled in the tapestries, but Hilary still pulls off the 1920′s inspired look! Hilary’s style has definitely improved she doesn’t look like a child on a playdate anymore, and she’s beginning to experiment and take risks in her clothing choices! We have to say this is where Hil’s style really started to take a more mature path.


The actress showed off her trim figure in a red dress in July 2006. “There definitely was a time when I was pretty obsessed with my weight, but I’m better off not stressing about my body all the time,” she once told Cosmopolitan magazine. We can’t help but to agree with her on that one! We love you just the way you are Hilary! 

54ee36a23857a_-_8hduff-24690731-lgnYay! The sunny colors and energy we loved so much in Lizzie McGuire are back! Hilary’s dress color and pattern are so fun! This dress had a fun 1960′s look that we love! The perfect balance of fun and flirty!

54ee36a34a4d5_-_12hduff-95950228-lgnHilary Duff chose this classic look for an event but kept things interesting with her bright pink top! The cut is very flattering for her figure, and she added some flair with a cool gold hooped necklace! This time around, Hilary totally mastered the hot pink!

54ee36a4ba6ca_-_15hduff-24843984-lgnHilary definitely rocks this black-on-black look! From a sheer top with a cute bow to shoes with just enough sparkle, she does everything right! It’s glam and grown-up, with just enough flirty touches to make it super-fun.

duff1Hilary looked absolutely gorgeous rocking her lime green sequined mini skirt and taupe heels! And what was even more beautiful was Hil’s mini baby bump! Even being just newly pregnant Hill stunned on-goers! We have to say Hilary was sure one hot mama-to-be! 


We didn’t see too much of Hilary on any of the big red carpet event’s after giving birth to son Luca. Who could blame her! Being a brand new mom for the first time takes up a lot of time and practice! We still thought Hil looked as beautiful as ever!

183f7__Hilary-Duff-Cosmopolitan-MagazineJust this month we caught Hilary looking better than ever as she graced the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine! Our jaw hit the ground when we saw how amazing she looked! Talk about a total transformation! We love how happy and honest Hilary was thoughout her interview the magazine. By the sounds of it, it seems like we have a lot more to expect with America’s sweetheart! The new and improved Hilary is back and here to stay!

Who is your favorite Disney Channel star? Can either be past or present? Let us know in the comment section below!

#WeddingWednesday : Bridesmaid’s Dresses- Off Shoulder

We are back again for another blog edition of #WeddingWednesday! Today we are focusing on the ever so popular off shoulder bridesmaid gowns. If the thought of showing cleavage in a formal wedding makes you cringe, then these are the perfect dresses for you! They’re sexy in a sophisticated, old-school glamour kind of way. And they’re flattering to a variety of body types (which is more than we can say of a lot of dress trends). When it comes to styling these gowns it can definitely be a bit tricky, but that’s why we’re here to help! Continue reading to see how we recommend styling these gorgeous gowns!

1.)    Wear The Right Bra!bra

Just like a house, every great outfit starts with a solid foundation. Because off-shoulder dresses have such a unique styling at the neckline, it will be important to choose a bra that does not peek out of the dress. In many instances, a strapless bra can work splendidly with a one-shoulder or off-shoulder dress. However, for those that prefer a bit more support, a convertible bra can be a great solution. These bras have detachable straps that can be arranged in a multitude of ways, including with a single strap for the one-shoulder dress. A bra that is both comfortable and helps the dress to stay in place is a necessity.

2.)    Avoid Flashy Necklaces!


When the collarbone and shoulders are put on display as they are in one-shoulder dresses, it can be tempting to cover them up with a bold necklace. However, most would agree that wearing a statement necklace in conjunction with a statement neckline is a recipe for overkill and a muddled, busy look. In order to give the dress its due, choosing a simple necklace that sits high on the neck is a much better choice. It is also entire acceptable to wear no necklace at all with this type of dress, especially if the dress itself has added decoration at the shoulder like a bow or a flower.

3.)    Make A Statement With Earrings!


Maybe you’re a girl who prefers a little more sparkle? So, if you do decide to go with a little more bling-bling, we suggest to choose a bold pair of chandelier earrings. While a statement necklace is not an ideal choice, dangling and attention-grabbing earrings can be an attractive choice with an off-shoulder dress. Earrings that dangle a few inches will draw the eye to the naked shoulder and unique neckline, the focal point of the dress.

4.)   What Shoes To Choose?


Of course, no glamorous gown is complete without a dreamy pair of shoes to go with it. Since off-shoulder dresses come in different styles and lengths, the same pair of shoes may not work for every dress. However, no matter what the occasion or length of the dress, a pair of tall heels is nearly always a winner. If you choose to go very light on accessorizing a simple off-shoulder dress, the shoes can be a great place to go a little wild with a tall stiletto heel or a bold pattern. For short off-shoulder dresses, a nude heel is a good choice for virtually any color dress because it serves to elongate the legs and make the outfit more flattering. If your wedding falls during colder months, ankle boots can also be appropriate with a shorter off-shoulder dress.

5.)   Hair


Choosing an appropriate hairstyle for an off-shoulder dress is also important when styling these dresses. Many women with long hair take a special occasion as an opportunity to experiment with sweeping the hair off the neck in an attractive updo. This is a wonderful choice for an off-shoulder dress since keeping the hair out of the way allows the dress to shine. If you that prefer to keep your hair down, we suggest that long hair be styled either behind the shoulders or swept to one side. If you have of a one-shoulder dress, long hair shoulder only be swept over to the side of the dress that has the strap or sleeve so as not to hide the unique cut. For those of you with shorter hair, soft curls that keep the style up off the shoulders is a simple and pretty choice that will not detract from the dress.

PicMonkey Collage

Convinced this is the dress for you or your maids? Check out Ever-Pretty now! Tons of styles and colors available now! Head over now to find your perfect off-shoulder dress!

What do you think of the off-shoulder look? Tell us in the comment section below!



Festival Fashion Trends 2015!

Think music festivals are all about romping around the desert in high-waisted cutoffs and neon bandeaus? We’re here to change your mind. This season, you’re going to see styles with a strong ’70s influence — we’re talking fringe details and breezy blouses — that’ll make you feel all the more carefree! Whether you’re headed to the desert for Coachella or just planning a relaxing weekend getaway, it’s time to refresh everything from your eyewear and jewelry to your denim before you go. Read on for a handy guide on what’s in and what’s out this Spring, then let your inner boho queen out to play!


Forget about clipping feathers into your hair! This Spring/Summer season is all about fringe! Everywhere you look, you’ll find tassels! From jackets, to bags, to shoes, there’s plenty of ways to work the look into your wardrobe (without looking like you just climbed out of an old Western movie). We have even seen on the red carpet in the form of swingy dresses and skirts! Whatever you do, don’t forget the tassels this festival season! An adorable trend that is sure to be a hit! 


When your spending hours in the sun it is always important you bring the proper sun protection. One festival trend to help you achieve this is the extremely popular wide brimmed fedora.These cute hats will not only protect you from the sun but will also will give you an instant boho boost! So this year we say to ditch the flower crowns and search for a wide brim. Trust us, you’ll feel all the more put together!


Goodbye, neon! Whether you wore the shade on your crop top or your shorts, there are plenty of neutral tones, like taupe, terra-cotta, and beige, that’ll keep you in tune with nature. Plus, you can’t tell us these beautiful summer dresses from Ever-Pretty aren’t eye-catching with the fun splashes of color! These dresses are not only comfortable and colorful, but are light in weight! The perfect combinations for a festival maxi!


While most of us have been throwing on trusty aviators to shield our eyes from the sun, try something new and slip on these. Mirrored lenses will help you stand out while providing a funky contrast to a tortoise or neutral frame. Believe us, these are shades that say, “Fun In The Sun.”

$_3These sandals might not be the most comfortable or conventional, but DANG they are cute! We say to ditch the heavy Birkenstocks this Spring/Summer and let your toes breathe in a strappy silhouette. These will also go with everything in your brand-new breezy wardrobe, and you’ll feel like a total goddess once you pull them on! We promise!

What festival trend do you like the best? Tell us in the comment section below!

#WeddingWednesday : High-Low Dresses

Bridesmaid dress trends are back again on today’s #WeddingWednesday blog! There are so many bridesmaid dress trends that we love and can’t wait to share with you this Spring season! Today we are focusing on the very flattering high-low dress trend. The high low dresses are soaring into Spring Wedding’s everywhere! With the unique and gorgeous asymmetric hemline and beautiful fabrics such as satin and chiffon, finding that perfect Spring bridesmaid look has never been so easy! Keep reading to find out just how easy it is to style these gorgeous dresses!


Now there are many different style variations of the high-low dress. So many in fact it can seem overwhelming on how to properly accessorize these dresses! For example; halter neck and strapless styles of high low dresses allow for an amazing opportunity to get out that gorgeous chunky jeweled necklace and bracelet. This compliments and slims your shape all while emphasizing the neck, shoulders and arms. Make sure to be careful with smaller items of jewelry around the neck as the shape and style of the dress can drown out small jewels.


With the style of asymmetric dresses they are better complimented by high heeled sandals, wedges or ankle boots. Flat shoes take away from the body shape and do not flatter the style of dress. Heels add to the height and allow for a more even flow of the back of the dress. Open toe heels keep the theme going with exposed shoulders and heeled ankle boots are an amazing addition to a high low dress with a bit more of a formal image.


If you are wanting to show off that amazing hourglass figure, this simple accessory will do the trick! We recommend wrapping a nice contrasting colored belt around your waist! Not only will this give you nice shape but also an added pop of color! Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors when it comes to adding these fun colored belts. As many know, when it comes to Spring Wedding’s you will want all the color accents that you can get!

hairHair play’s a very important part when it comes to styling your high-low dress. We recommend something that is off the shoulders. Try a simple updo or a high ponytail. These hairstyles will help accentuate your accessories, neck and shoulders.  By choosing to leave your hair down will over crowd the neck area and create an unappealing look. If you are in need of hair inspiration we always recommend searching pictures of either Lauren Conrad or Jennifer Lawrence. These ladies always know how to style the best off the shoulder looks!

highlowIf you’re looking to find the perfect high-low dress for yourself or your bridesmaids, check out Ever-Pretty today! With many styles and colors available we are sure you will find the dress of your dreams!


What do you love most about the high-low dress trend? Tell us in the comment section below!



Spring 2015 Essentials!

Spring is just around corner these days! And so is the warmer weather, which we love! In fact, Spring is one of our favorite seasons out of the entire year! Spring gives us a feeling of starting over and wiping our slate clean. And for many of us girls that mean’s Spring cleaning out our closets and starting over with a brand new wardrobe! On today’s blog we are going to help you kick off this season just right with a list of Spring essentials! —->

Fun Floral Print Dress


When it comes to warm Spring time weather, the last thing you want to wear is anything too tight or warm! We recommend trying a high-neck dresses with a flirty, full skirt show just the right amount of skin for spring’s daytime events. The best thing about these dresses is that they look amazing with both flats and heels! If your liking this dress in particular to add to your new Spring wardrobe click here!

White Pumps/Flats


If your thinking of getting a new pair of pumps or flat’s this season, try to stick with a lighter colors. Dark colors like black or dark brown(s) don’t quite work with spring’s pale, pretty colors.  We recommend trying to opt with colors that are closest to white this season for a fun update to your going-out look. If your looking to give the basic white color a little character, try looking for a flat or pump that have a fun white print or design.

Crossover Tank Tops 

Concrete-Runway-Blush-Cross-Over-Tank-Top-2It’s tempting to reach for that tee on the regular, but why not try one of spring’s minimal-meets-boho crossover tanks instead? They’ll make Sunday’s slouchy jeans and messy topknot look poised and pretty! And the best part about these fun tops is that you can dress them up for the office on weekdays!

“She was a skater girl…”

s_535e6a67e6ce280d19140e05If your looking for the perfect Spring time skirt we recommend the trendy Skater skirt this season! The Skater Skirt has become a trend in its own right, the styles and looks one can get with this mini flared little thing are a dime a dozen When choosing the perfect skirt for you keep it basic or classy with simple cuts and colors: pink, white, purple, baby blue or yellow. This is a fun and adorable look perfect for Spring!

Purr-fect Sunshades!


Spring is NOT complete without a new pair of shades! Our favorite style of shades this Spring season is the rounded cat eye frames. These frames have been spotted on many celebs and trend setters alike. No matter if these are your style or not, don’t forget to keep your eyes protected from the suns harmful UV rays this Spring season! 

What Spring basic are you sure to grab this season? Tell us in the comment section below!

St.Patty’s Day Party Idea’s!

Are you going green this St.Patty’s day? St.Patrick’s day is one of my personal favorite holiday’s! Some spend this day celebrating at Irish festivals, other’s spend their time at home celebrating their Irish heritage over a small party with friends and family. If your planning an at home party, today we will show you a few of our favorite food and drink idea’s to help bring out your inner leprechaun!

3eef832fc32fc8ce6d37c7e213fdd530If your looking for a cheap and tasty drink idea for your guests, we suggest Shamrock Punch! This creamy lime flavored punch is perfect for anyone! Both kids and adult alike will love helping themselves to this green treat! You might think this recipe looks complicated, but it really is anything but that! Believe it or not, this recipe only contains TWO ingredients! Yes it’s true, that is all you really need!  —->

Shamrock Punch Recipe

1 Carton of Lime Sherbet
1 2 Liter of Gingerale

Place Lime Sherbet either in a Punch Bowl or in Glasses
Top with Gingerale and allow to melt slightly before serving!


Are you on a diet? Or maybe your vegan? No worries, we still have an idea for you! Pair up your favorite green veggie with cauliflower and carrot sticks in the color arrangement of the Irish flag. Don’t forget to add your favorite vegan dipping sauce to help add flavor to this dish. If this doesn’t just scream Irish pride we don’t know what will!

    s Day Deviled Eggs IMG_2243Don’t adjust your screen contrast, those ARE green egg’s you’re seeing! Green egg’s just don’t just exist in the Dr. Seuss books! That’s right, you can easily make these little green treats in your own kitchen! So just how do you get them green? Once your finished boiling the egg’s, slice them in half and put the cooked yolks in a separate bowl. Next, dip the egg whites in a mixture of food green coloring and vinegar for about three minutes. Once you remove the egg from the vinegar and dye mixture, PRESTO you will now have green eggs!

eb011086fed5e47e7268544fccbef553Have your guests believing you have found finally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this yummy treat! The secret to these golden treat’s is very simple. Pick up some gold edible paint and a package of Oreo’s at your local grocery store. Paint over the delicious cookies with the gold paint and prepare to be amazed at how shiny these will cookies will look! Almost to pretty to eat… just almost.

DSC_0222-text Looking for something salty sweet? Then this is the perfect treat for you and your guests! We found this amazing recipe on the blog Cupcake Diaries that we just had to share with you..

  • 1 1/2 c. sugar
  • 1/2 c. light corn syrup
  • 2 Tbsp butter
  • 1/2 tsp. salt
  • 1/4 tsp. vanilla
  • 1 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp. cream of tartar – optional.
  • green food coloring (4 drops)

In a saucepan on medium heat, melt the butter then add sugar, corn syrup, cream of tartar, and salt. Increase temperature to medium high and bring mixture to a boil, stirring constantly to dissolve sugar. (It will be a big sugar blob at first, but just keep stirring till it dissolves and boils.)

Once mixture boils, add in food coloring and stop stirring. Allow it to boil for 5 minutes without stirring. Remove from heat and carefully stir in vanilla and baking soda. Working quickly and while sugar is foamy, pour mixture over popped corn and gently stir to coat it.

Place popcorn in a large roaster or rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper or sprayed with cooking spray. Bake at 200 degrees for 1 hour, stirring every 15 minutes.

If anyone try’s out this recipe share a picture with us on one of out Ever-Pretty social media outlets!

What receipe are you most likely to try? Tell us in the comment section below!

Our favorite Prom-posal ideas!

One of the most nerve wrecking things you will ever have to do in your high school year’s is ask that special someone to Prom.  It used to be the only option was just asking someone in person. Now, asking someone to prom seems like it’s almost as big of an event as prom itself. Don’t let this scare you though! There are tons of fun ways you can ask that special someone that will make you seem romantic, smart and creative. So, on today’s blog we are going to list off our top 5 Prom-posals just in case you are needing a little boost of inspiration! 


If your sweetie is a class clown then this is the perfect prom-posal! Everyone ones that guys LOVE their vehicles. Leaving a fake parking ticket on his ride is a great way to get his attention in a funny and cute way. He will never expect that the little slip of paper on his windshield is actually an invitation to Prom!

54eeb2dc1d28e_-_screenshot2014-02-03at11923pmEveryone know’s that the key to a man’s heart is through his tummy! And what better way to do so than by sending him a Prom-posal Pizza! Write out the words “PROM?” on the inside of the lid with a black marker. When he opens the box he will see the message displayed over his yummy pie. If you want to be even more creative you could ask the local pizza joint to spell out the word “PROM?” in pepperonis! Either way this is a sure fire way to get your sweetie to accept your invite!

54eeb2ddee236_-_screenshot2014-02-03at12017pmNow I am sure we have all seen this one over and over again. Even so, there is just no denying how simple and cute this is no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Plus, if you have a totally sweet guy then he deserves a totally sweet invitation right? This idea is just as creative as it is yummy! And as we said before no guy will ever turn down food/candy!

promposalSo maybe your a more simple girl? How about leaving a Prom-posal inside his locker? Grab a close friend of his to get his locker combo so you can decorate the inside. Use streamers, balloons, and confetti galore! Don’t forget to spell out the word “PROM?” in bright bold letters on the inside of the door. This will be sure to put a smile on his and your face as he accepts your invite!

2ea0d030-c1b1-11e3-aea3-3baaac9f7c69_Will-LatchamAre you asking the cute boy on the baseball or football team? Why not incorporate you invite at one of his games! There is no better way to root on your favorite player all while inviting him to prom with you! Grab a few friends to help you hold up each letter spelling out P-R-O-M? You’ll be sure to hit this one outta the park!

What Prom-posal was your favorite? Tell us in the comment section below!